March 1, 2019 MutaGene Python package

Mutation ranking functionality is now available as MutaGene Python package for stand-alone computations.
The benchmark has been updated to include a recent study on systematic functional annotation of somatic mutations in cancer.

May 29, 2018 Cancer driver prediction

Analyze Gene module predicts mutations to be drivers, potential drivers and passengers by adjusting the number of reoccurences of a mutation in cancer patients by its mutability accoring to the expected background mutagenesis. These predictions were validated with a benchmark compiled from multiple experimental studies. Our BioArxiv preprint describes the method and the benchmark in detail.

Dec 20, 2017 Improved indentification of mutational processes

Identification of combinations of signatures representing mutagenic processes operating in tumor sample has become a routing analysis step in cancer genomics. Our new algorithm is capable of correctly handling the cases with fewer mutations. Moreover, mutation burden is now displayed for each mutational signature.

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