Conserved Protein Domain Family

cd21769: DEFL 
defensin-like domain family
This family includes a group of defensin-like proteins, including Arabidopsis thaliana protein LURE 1.2 (AtLURE1.2) and protein LURE 1.6 (AtLURE1.6), Mesobuthus martensii neurotoxin BmBKTx1, Arabidopsis thaliana defensin-like protein 32 (AtDEF32), as well as bactericidal proteins such as defensins, sapecins, tenecins, phormicins, and lucifensins. They are characterized by a defensin-like (DEFL) domain, which adopts a structure characterized by a cysteine-stabilized alpha/beta scaffold. AtLURE1.2 (also called cysteine-rich peptide 810_1.2 or defensin-like protein 213) and AtLURE1.6 (also called cysteine-rich peptide 810_1.6 or defensin-like protein 215) are pollen tube attractants guiding pollen tubes to the ovular micropyle. BmBKTx1, also called potassium channel toxin alpha-KTx 19.1 or BmK37, is a selective inhibitor of high conductance calcium-activated potassium channels KCa1.1/KCNMA1. Bactericidal proteins are host defense peptides produced in response to injury and are mostly active against Gram-positive bacteria.
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Sequence Alignment
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5Y9W_C 38 YCFDCARACMRRGKYIRTCSfe----rKLCRCS 66  thale cress
1L4V_A 12 NHSACAAHCLLRGNRGGYCNg-----kAVCVCR 39  Sarcophaga peregrina
2MZ0_A 18 PTEKCNKTCIESNFAGGKCVhigqsldFVCVCF 50  thale cress
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