Conserved Protein Domain Family

cd20801: C1_DGKepsilon_typeIII_rpt1 
first protein kinase C conserved region 1 (C1 domain) found in type III diacylglycerol kinase, DAG kinase epsilon, and similar proteins
Diacylglycerol (DAG) kinase (EC is a lipid kinase that phosphorylates diacylglycerol to form phosphatidic acid. DAG kinase epsilon, also called diglyceride kinase epsilon (DGK-epsilon), is the only isoform classified as type III; it possesses a hydrophobic domain in addition to C1 and catalytic domains that are present in all DGKs, and shows selectivity for acyl chains. It is highly selective for arachidonate-containing species of DAG. It may terminate signals transmitted through arachidonoyl-DAG or may contribute to the synthesis of phospholipids with defined fatty acid composition. DAG kinase epsilon contains two copies of the C1 domain. This model corresponds to the first one. The C1 domain is a cysteine-rich zinc binding domain that does not bind DNA nor possess structural similarity to conventional zinc finger domains; it contains two separate Zn(2+)-binding sites.
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Created: 4-Oct-2019
Updated: 25-Oct-2021
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Zn binding site
Feature 1:Zn binding site [ion binding site]
  • Comment:Two non-consecutive sets of zinc-binding residues form two separate metal-binding sites.
  • Comment:Based on the structure evidence that Homo sapiens DGKdelta binds two Zn2+ ions

Sequence Alignment
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Feature 1           #                #  #            #  #    #    #         #  
1708625       57 KSKHGWRDTDLfs---qPTYCCVCAQHIL---QGAFCDCCGLRVDe--gCLRKAdkrfqCKE 110 human
XP_024216880  44 DKKHNWQCVSDft---kSYRCSGCHTLLV---KGVVCDTCGLSADa--pCMNKVgasfvCKE 97  brown marmorated stink bug
KPJ08186      87 RYGHTWRSIECnkslpyNIYCSVCSKLMLp-vVGLFCECCALSACr--kCNRILdkkfrCKH 145 common yellow swallowtail
EFX86572      37 SKGHSWCSVSDve---lAVHCSVCEHVLLg--GGMRCDSCGVCADe--gCMHKAdkrlkCKQ 91  common water flea
RCN42901       3 SAGHYWTRVDFld---rGFYCASCKTHLL---SGYECDYCTLKVDev-aCARSIgerikCKA 57  dog hookworm
VDM40492      39 SSGHHFVSLTEnd---hGRYCSLCENGMQ---SGMQCDFCGVMVDtr-tCLHSLsstvpCKV 93  dog roundworm
PDM83967      45 KSGHSWVIEPFfn---kGYFCSICELNLT---GGYSCSHCRLRVDdv-pCLHLAsteksCKV 99  Pristionchus pacificus
NP_001024679  44 KSGHYWSSINYse---qHNYCSGCKEHIV---SGYECDNCLLKVDni-nCLRAVstkiqCKV 98  Caenorhabditis elegans
TRY80799      49 RRIHTWAQGGIw----hPLYCVICETLLIvgsSGICCADCGIASCekgqCVQRTeqrfsCKA 106 Tigriopus californicus
XP_023340293  40 RNGHRWTLNKFii--dfPLHCNGCETFLFt-aTGQCCTVCGAAACtttkCIRTVdrrtpCKS 98  Eurytemora affinis

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