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The GeT-RM Coordination Program is a CDC project for establishing a community process to create reference materials, quality control measures, and proficiency testing for genetic testing. The GeT-RM Browser is provided by NCBI to facilitate access to the data generated by this project, which is intended to aid evaluation of analytical validity of next-generation sequencing assays. All data is available on our FTP site .

About the Data

This site contains sequence data sets for the HapMap samples NA12878 and NA19240. Participating laboratories include clinical genetic testing laboratories as well as research laboratories. A variety of next generation sequencing (NGS) technologies have been used in conjunction with Sanger-based sequencing in a limited number of regions. Individual data sets reflect whole genome (WGS) and whole exome (WES) sequencing, a variety of targeted gene panels, as well as integrated data sets. A subset of variants have been confirmed with an orthogonal technology (such as Sanger sequencing), consistent with current recommendations for clinical genetic testing. A small number of regions were Sanger sequenced in their entirety.

This site also includes data generated by the Genome in a Bottle Consortium , which has developed a set of high-confidence calls for SNPs and small indels in NA12878 from an integrated dataset.

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Analytical Sensitivity High quality variant datasets used to define true positive variant calls
Analytical Specificity High quality regions used to define true negative variant calls
  • NA12878GeT-RM Sanger sequenced regionBED
  • NA12878NIST data set (Zook et al. 2014, PMID:24531798)BED
Difficult Regions Regions excluded from variant calling by Genome in a Battle (GIAB), due to uncertainty (Zook et al. 2014, PMID:24531798). See the README for more information about these files.
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