Find HGVS coordinates for a feature

  • Navigate to the position of interest
  • Set the origin to the start of the coding region
    • Click on the CDS feature (usually it's red) to select it
    • Right click on the selected feature
    • Select 'set sequence origin at feature'
    • Accept the default (The 'A' of the initiation CODON is now position 1)

  • In the graphical panel, click the Markers button to set the location of the point of interest

  • Enter the position and name (or accept default)

  • Depending on the zoom level, the marker may be out of view in the Graphical Panel. Zoom out with the zoom control or move the viewing rectangle in the overview panel

  • Right click on the marker in the Graphical Panel

  • Click on Marker Details

  • See the HGVS coordinates in the Marker Details Dialog

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