Loading External Data

User supplied, private data can be loaded into the sequence viewer and seen side-by-side with public data. When doing this, the data is saved in a private data object for a limited period of time on NCBI's servers (usually 48 hours); data may be shared with others, but the expiration date will still be honored.

To access the menu for loading external or private data choose Configure on the Main Toolbar, see below:

Configure Button

Once the Configure Dialog is open, choose the Custom Data tab.
Configure Dialog

Now you see the Custom Data tab shown below

Custom Data Page

To begin:

  • Select the type of data to load (left side of the dialog)
  • You have the option of giving your data a custom name by typing in the " Track Name" field.

Note: We will do our best to map the sequence identifiers in your file. To ensure mapping use the exact sequence accession (e.g., "NC_000001").

This function can also be used for clearing private data.

For information on how to embed/upload multiple user data items with track names please see the Web tracks uploading/embedding section of the NCBI Graphical Sequence Viewer Embedding API instruction

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