Using Tree View


This tutorial will serve as a consolidation space for all existing help on using Tree View in Genome Workbench.

Step 1: Adding a Phylogenetic Tree View

The same way you open different types of views for your project - you can add a Phylogenetic Tree.

Step 2: Explore Pylogenetic Tree View Features

Phylogenetic Tree View offers the users multiple features.

Users can:

More information can be found in the Tree Viewer formatting manual.

Step 3: Arranging Windows

In order to experience interactions between different views the user can arrange windows with different views

Step 4: Tree View Interactions with other Views

Tree Views supports broadcasting between phylogenetic tree views.

It can also interact with other views

Step 5: Saving Tree View as a PDF file

Tree View can be saved in PDF format for printing or other presentation needs.

Step 6: Online Tree Viewer

Some of the features of Genome Workbench Tree View can be experienced by using the online tool Tree Viewer.

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