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SRX014454: GSM466495: 2'-O-methylated small RNAs from r2d2 heterozygous flies
1 ILLUMINA (Illumina Genome Analyzer) run: 13.3M spots, 478.8M bases, 364Mb downloads

Submitted by: Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO)
Study: Sorting of Drosophila small silencing RNAs partitions microRNA* strands into the RNA interference pathway
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In flies, small silencing RNAs are sorted between Argonaute1 (Ago1), the central protein component of the microRNA (miRNA) pathway, and Argonaute2 (Ago2), which mediates RNA interference. Extensive double-stranded character—as is found in small interfering RNAs (siRNAs)—directs duplexes into Ago2, whereas central mismatches, like those found in miRNA/miRNA* duplexes, direct duplexes into Ago1. Central to this sorting decision is the affinity of the small RNA duplex for the Dcr-2/R2D2 heterodimer, which loads small RNAs into Ago2. Here, we show that while most Drosophila miRNAs are bound to Ago1, miRNA* strands accumulate bound to Ago2. Like siRNA loading, efficient loading of miRNA* strands in Ago2 favors duplexes with a paired central region and requires both Dcr-2 and R2D2. Those miRNA and miRNA* sequences bound to Ago2, like siRNAs diced in vivo from long double-stranded RNA, typically begin with cytidine, whereas Ago1-bound miRNA and miRNA* disproportionately begin with uridine. Consequently, some pre-miRNA generate two or more isoforms from the same side of the stem that differentially partition between Ago1 and Ago2. Our findings provide the first genome-wide test for the idea that Drosophila small RNAs are sorted between Ago1 and Ago2 according to their duplex structure and the identity of their first nucleotide. Overall design: Sequencing of small RNAs (either total small RNAs or Ago1-associated small RNAs) in wild-type, dcr-2 and r2d2 mutant flies. Small RNA sequencing, Small RNAs (18-29 nt long), Size selection (18 to 30 nt).
Sample: 2´-O-methylated small RNAs from r2d2 heterozygous flies
SAMN00006268 • SRS008442 • All experiments • All runs
Name: 2'-O-methylated small RNAs from r2d2 heterozygous flies
Instrument: Illumina Genome Analyzer
Strategy: RNA-Seq
Selection: size fractionation
Layout: SINGLE
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GEO Accession: GSM466495
library_prep: smRNA-Seq; IP
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Runs: 1 run, 13.3M spots, 478.8M bases, 364Mb
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