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SRX1795976: Arabidopsis thaliana Silique 2 Replicate 1
1 ILLUMINA (Illumina HiSeq 2000) run: 29.9M spots, 1.5G bases, 964.7Mb downloads

Submitted by: Moscow State University
Study: High resolution transcriptomic development map of Arabidopsis thaliana based on RNA-seq
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Arabidopsis thaliana is a main model species for plant science, especially for such branches as molecular biology, genetics and genomics. We present here first genome-wide analysis of expression profiles across different organs and developmental stages using high-throughput transcriptome sequencing (RNA-seq). Based on this data we created an open-access web-based database TraVA (Transcriptome Variation Analysis) that allows visualization and analysis of gene expression profiles and differential gene expression between organs and stages.
Sample: Arabidopsis thaliana Silique 2
SAMN05170751 • SRS1464248 • All experiments • All runs
Instrument: Illumina HiSeq 2000
Strategy: RNA-Seq
Selection: PolyA
Layout: SINGLE
Spot descriptor:

Runs: 1 run, 29.9M spots, 1.5G bases, 964.7Mb
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