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SRX1303821: GSM1901342: 47 yo ctx endo; Homo sapiens; RNA-Seq
1 ILLUMINA (NextSeq 500) run: 18.3M spots, 5.5G bases, 2.4Gb downloads

Submitted by: Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO)
Study: RNA-Seq of human astrocytes
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Astrocytes were purified from fetal and adult human brain tissue using an immunopanning method with the HepaCAM antibody. Samples were taken from otherwise 'healthy' pieces of tissue, unless otherwise specified. Overall design: 6 fetal astrocyte samples, 12 adult astrocyte samples, 8 GBM or sclerotic hippocampal samples, 4 whole human cortex samples, 4 adult mouse astrocyte samples, and 11 human samples of other purified CNS cell types
Sample: 47 yo ctx endo
SAMN04145539 • SRS1098712 • All experiments • All runs
Organism: Homo sapiens
Instrument: NextSeq 500
Strategy: RNA-Seq
Selection: cDNA
Layout: PAIRED
Construction protocol: Tissue was dissociated in papain (30units / ml) for 1.5 hours before trituration. Cells were immunopanned on a sequence of plates in the following order: CD45 --> GalC --> GalC --> Thy1 --> HepaCAM. Cells bound to HepaCAM plate were then scraped in Qiazol to harvest RNA Nugen Ovation V2 kit (7102-32), followed by sonication in the Covaris machine, followed by indexing with NEB Next Ultra kit (E7530L)
Experiment attributes:
GEO Accession: GSM1901342
Runs: 1 run, 18.3M spots, 5.5G bases, 2.4Gb
Run# of Spots# of BasesSizePublished


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