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ERX242638: Whole Genome Sequencing of olive baboon
1 LS454 (454 GS FLX) run: 1,780 spots, 384,789 bases, 287,730b downloads

Submitted by: ILM
Study: A mitogenomic phylogeny of living primates
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Primates, the mammalian order including our own species, comprises with 480 species in 78 genera and is the third largest of the 18 orders of eutherian mammals. Although recent phylogenetic studies are increasingly built on molecular datasets, most of these studies focus on single species or small subclades. Complete mitochondrial (mt) genomes have proven extremely useful in deciphering within-order relationships even up to deep nodes. Using 454 sequencing, we sequenced 32 new complete mt genomes adding 20 previously not represented genera to the phylogenetic reconstruction of the primate tree. With 13 new sequences, the number of complete mt genomes within the parvorder Platyrrhini was widely extended resulting in a largely resolved branching pattern among New World monkey families. We added 10 new Strepsirrhini mt genomes to the 15 previously available ones almost doubling the number of mt genomes within this clade. Our data allow precise date estimates of all nodes and offer new insights into primate evolution. One major result is a relatively young date for the most recent common ancestor of all living primates which was estimated to 66-69 million years ago, suggesting that the divergence of extant primates started close to the K/T-boundary. Although some relationships remain unclear, the large number of mt genomes used allowed us to reconstruct a robust primate phylogeny which is largely in agreement with previous publications. Finally, we show that mt genomes are a useful tool for resolving primate phylogenetic relationships on various taxonomic levels.
Sample: Papio anubis; 13317
SAMEA2064855 • ERS243079 • All experiments • All runs
Organism: Papio anubis
Name: lib_papanu
Instrument: 454 GS FLX
Strategy: WGS
Selection: PCR
Layout: SINGLE
Runs: 1 run, 1,780 spots, 384,789 bases, 287,730b
Run# of Spots# of BasesSizePublished


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