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SRX030164: C. thermocellum ATCC 27405 Paired End Resequencing
2 LS454 (454 GS FLX) runs: 187,902 spots, 53.6M bases, 103.4Mb downloads

Design: Constructed following GS FLX Paired End DNA Library Preparation Method Manual following Long Paired End Library Preparation (using nebulization for fragmentation).
Submitted by: Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Study: Mutant alcohol dehydrogenase leads to improved ethanol tolerance in Clostridium thermocellum
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Clostridium thermocellum is a thermophilic, obligately anaerobic, gram-positive bacterium that is a candidate microorganism for converting cellulosic biomass into ethanol through consolidated bioprocessing. Ethanol intolerance is an important metric in terms of process economics, and tolerance has often been described as a complex and likely multigenic trait for which complex gene interactions come into play. Here, we resequence the genome of an ethanol-tolerant mutant, show that the tolerant phenotype is primarily due to a mutated bifunctional acetaldehyde-CoA/alcohol dehydrogenase gene (adhE), hypothesize based on structural analysis that cofactor specificity may be affected, and confirm this hypothesis using enzyme assays. Biochemical assays confirm a complete loss of NADH-dependent activity with concomitant acquisition of NADPH-dependent activity, which likely affects electron flow in the mutant. The simplicity of the genetic basis for the ethanol-tolerant phenotype observed here informs rational engineering of mutant microbial strains for cellulosic ethanol production.
Sample: C. thermocellum ATCC 27405
SAMN00014193 • SRS074210 • All experiments • All runs
Name: Bulk
Instrument: 454 GS FLX
Strategy: WGS
Selection: RANDOM
Layout: PAIRED
Spot descriptor:
         forward           forward

Runs: 2 runs, 187,902 spots, 53.6M bases, 103.4Mb
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