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SRX2885452: GSM2650814: Bulk lung mesenchyme; Mus musculus; RNA-Seq
1 ILLUMINA (NextSeq 500) run: 379M spots, 37.1G bases, 11.4Gb downloads

Submitted by: NCBI (GEO)
Study: Distinct mesenchymal lineages and niches promote epithelial self-renewal and myofibrogenesis in the lung [Single cell RNA-Seq]
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Single cell RNAseq using the 10x gemcode platform on bulk mesenchyme from one adult 6w old mouse. Overall design: Lungs were harvested from a 6-week old adult mouse and digested to generate a single-cell suspension. The cell suspension was stained with antibodies directed against Epcam, CD31 and CD45. DAPI was included as a live/dead stain. Cells that were negative for DAPI, EPCAM, CD31 and CD45, were sorted into collection buffer. The purified cells, referred to as bulk mesenchyme, were manually counted and subsequently loaded onto the 10x Genomics instrument, libraries were prepared according to the manufacture''s protocol.
Sample: Bulk lung mesenchyme
SAMN07197332 • SRS2253536 • All experiments • All runs
Organism: Mus musculus
Instrument: NextSeq 500
Strategy: RNA-Seq
Selection: cDNA
Layout: SINGLE
Construction protocol: Cellular suspensions were loaded on a GemCode Single Cell Instrument (10x Genomics, Pleasanton, CA) to generate single cell GEMs. Approximately ~1200 to 2800 cells were loaded per channel. Two biological replicates were generated per sample. Single cell RNA-Seq libraries were prepared using GemCode Single Cell 3’ Gel Bead and Library Kit (now sold as P/N 120230, 120231, 120232, 10x Genomics) following the protocols outlined in Zheng et. al. Sequencing libraries were loaded at 2.1pM on an Illumina NextSeq500 with 2 × 75 paired-end kits using the following read length: 98bp Read1, 14bp I7 Index, 8bp I5 Index and 5bp Read2.
Experiment attributes:
GEO Accession: GSM2650814
Runs: 1 run, 379M spots, 37.1G bases, 11.4Gb
Run# of Spots# of BasesSizePublished


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