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dbSNP Short Genetic Variations

Reference SNP (rs) Report

This page reports data for a single dbSNP Reference SNP variation (RefSNP or rs) from the new redesigned dbSNP build.
Top of the page reports a concise summary for the rs, with more specific details included in the corresponding tabs below.
All alleles are reported in the Forward orientation. Use the Genomic View to inspect the nucleotides flanking the variant, and its neighbors.
For more information see Help documentation.


Current Build 153

Released July 9, 2019

Homo sapiens
chr5:148826910 (GRCh38.p12) Help

The anchor position for this RefSNP. Includes all nucleotides potentially affected by this change, thus it can differ from HGVS, which is right-shifted. See here for details.

G>C / G>T
Variation Type
SNV Single Nucleotide Variation
G=0.31653 (79582/251422, GnomAD_exome)
G=0.31228 (39213/125568, TOPMED)
G=0.31662 (38431/121380, ExAC) (+ 6 more)
G=0.1979 (15566/78666, PAGE_STUDY)
G=0.3317 (10402/31360, GnomAD)
G=0.204 (1023/5008, 1000G)
G=0.424 (1899/4480, Estonian)
G=0.07 (42/614, Vietnamese)
G=0.41 (244/600, NorthernSweden)
Clinical Significance
Reported in ClinVar
Gene : Consequence
ADRB2 : Stop Gained
150 citations
Genomic View
See rs on genome

Variant Details tab shows known variant placements on genomic sequences: chromosomes (NC_), RefSeqGene, pseudogenes or genomic regions (NG_), and in a separate table: on transcripts (NM_) and protein sequences (NP_). The corresponding transcript and protein locations are listed in adjacent lines, along with molecular consequences from Sequence Ontology. When no protein placement is available, only the transcript is listed. Column "Codon[Amino acid]" shows the actual base change in the format of "Reference > Alternate" allele, including the nucleotide codon change in transcripts, and the amino acid change in proteins, respectively, allowing for known ribosomal slippage sites. To view nucleotides adjacent to the variant use the Genomic View at the bottom of the page - zoom into the sequence until the nucleotides around the variant become visible.

Genomic Placements
Sequence name Change
GRCh38.p12 chr 5 NC_000005.10:g.148826910G>C
GRCh38.p12 chr 5 NC_000005.10:g.148826910G>T
GRCh37.p13 chr 5 NC_000005.9:g.148206473G>C
GRCh37.p13 chr 5 NC_000005.9:g.148206473G>T
ADRB2 RefSeqGene NG_016421.1:g.5318C>G
ADRB2 RefSeqGene NG_016421.1:g.5318C>T
Gene: ADRB2, adrenoceptor beta 2 (plus strand)
Molecule type Change Amino acid[Codon] SO Term
ADRB2 transcript NM_000024.5:c.79C>G Q [CAA] > E [GAA] Coding Sequence Variant
beta-2 adrenergic receptor NP_000015.1:p.Gln27Glu Q (Gln) > E (Glu) Missense Variant
ADRB2 transcript NM_000024.5:c.79C>T Q [CAA] > * [TAA] Coding Sequence Variant
beta-2 adrenergic receptor NP_000015.1:p.Gln27Ter Q (Gln) > * (Ter) Stop Gained

Clinical Significance tab shows a list of clinical significance entries from ClinVar associated with the variation, per allele. Click on the RCV accession (i.e. RCV000001615.2) or Allele ID (i.e. 12274) to access full ClinVar report.

Allele: G= (allele ID: 32782 )
ClinVar Accession Disease Names Clinical Significance
RCV000019318.2 Asthma, childhood, susceptibility to Risk-Factor
RCV000019319.2 Metabolic syndrome, susceptibility to Risk-Factor
RCV000033191.3 ADRB2 POLYMORPHISM Benign

Frequency tab displays a table of the reference and alternate allele frequencies reported by various studies and populations. Table lines, where Population="Global" refer to the entire study population, whereas lines, where Group="Sub", refer to a study-specific population subgroupings (i.e. AFR, CAU, etc.), if available. Frequency for the alternate allele (Alt Allele) is a ratio of samples observed-to-total, where the numerator (observed samples) is the number of chromosomes in the study with the minor allele present (found in "Sample size", where Group="Sub"), and the denominator (total samples) is the total number of all chromosomes in the study for the variant (found in "Sample size", where Group="Study-wide" and Population="Global").

Study Population Group Sample Size Ref Allele Alt Allele
gnomAD - Exomes Global Study-wide 251422 G=0.31653 C=0.68347
gnomAD - Exomes European Sub 135356 G=0.42017 C=0.57983
gnomAD - Exomes Asian Sub 49008 G=0.1656 C=0.8344
gnomAD - Exomes American Sub 34588 G=0.1743 C=0.8257
gnomAD - Exomes African Sub 16254 G=0.1781 C=0.8219
gnomAD - Exomes Ashkenazi Jewish Sub 10076 G=0.3539 C=0.6461
gnomAD - Exomes Other Sub 6140 G=0.343 C=0.657
TopMed Global Study-wide 125568 G=0.31228 C=0.68772
ExAC Global Study-wide 121380 G=0.31662 C=0.68338
ExAC Europe Sub 73332 G=0.4112 C=0.5888
ExAC Asian Sub 25164 G=0.1681 C=0.8319
ExAC American Sub 11570 G=0.1658 C=0.8342
ExAC African Sub 10406 G=0.1777 C=0.8223
ExAC Other Sub 908 G=0.31 C=0.69
The PAGE Study Global Study-wide 78666 G=0.1979 C=0.8021
The PAGE Study AfricanAmerican Sub 32498 G=0.1897 C=0.8103
The PAGE Study Mexican Sub 10806 G=0.1881 C=0.8119
The PAGE Study Asian Sub 8318 G=0.079 C=0.921
The PAGE Study PuertoRican Sub 7914 G=0.273 C=0.727
The PAGE Study NativeHawaiian Sub 4526 G=0.196 C=0.804
The PAGE Study Cuban Sub 4230 G=0.327 C=0.673
The PAGE Study Dominican Sub 3828 G=0.257 C=0.743
The PAGE Study CentralAmerican Sub 2448 G=0.169 C=0.831
The PAGE Study SouthAmerican Sub 1982 G=0.186 C=0.814
The PAGE Study NativeAmerican Sub 1260 G=0.288 C=0.712
The PAGE Study SouthAsian Sub 856 G=0.18 C=0.82
gnomAD - Genomes Global Study-wide 31360 G=0.3317 C=0.6683
gnomAD - Genomes European Sub 18874 G=0.4215 C=0.5785
gnomAD - Genomes African Sub 8704 G=0.187 C=0.813
gnomAD - Genomes East Asian Sub 1558 G=0.102 C=0.898
gnomAD - Genomes Other Sub 1086 G=0.350 C=0.650
gnomAD - Genomes American Sub 848 G=0.21 C=0.79
gnomAD - Genomes Ashkenazi Jewish Sub 290 G=0.36 C=0.64
1000Genomes Global Study-wide 5008 G=0.204 C=0.796
1000Genomes African Sub 1322 G=0.136 C=0.864
1000Genomes East Asian Sub 1008 G=0.073 C=0.927
1000Genomes Europe Sub 1006 G=0.410 C=0.590
1000Genomes South Asian Sub 978 G=0.19 C=0.81
1000Genomes American Sub 694 G=0.24 C=0.76
Genetic variation in the Estonian population Estonian Study-wide 4480 G=0.424 C=0.576
A Vietnamese Genetic Variation Database Global Study-wide 614 G=0.07 C=0.93
Northern Sweden ACPOP Study-wide 600 G=0.41 C=0.59

Aliases tab displays HGVS names representing the variant placements and allele changes on genomic, transcript and protein sequences, per allele. HGVS name is an expression for reporting sequence accession and version, sequence type, position, and allele change. The column "Note" can have two values: "diff" means that there is a difference between the reference allele (variation interval) at the placement reported in HGVS name and the reference alleles reported in other HGVS names, and "rev" means that the sequence of this variation interval at the placement reported in HGVS name is in reverse orientation to the sequence(s) of this variation in other HGVS names not labeled as "rev".

Placement G= C T Note
GRCh38.p12 chr 5 NC_000005.10:g.14...






GRCh37.p13 chr 5 NC_000005.9:g.148...






ADRB2 RefSeqGene NG_016421.1:g.531...


NG_016421.1:g.5318= NG_016421.1:g.531...


ADRB2 transcript NM_000024.5:c.79C>G NM_000024.5:c.79= NM_000024.5:c.79C>T
beta-2 adrenergic receptor NP_000015.1:p.Gln...


NP_000015.1:p.Gln27= NP_000015.1:p.Gln...



Submissions tab displays variations originally submitted to dbSNP, now supporting this RefSNP cluster (rs). We display Submitter handle, Submission identifier, Date and Build number, when the submission appeared for the first time. Direct submissions to dbSNP have Submission ID in the form of an ss-prefixed number (ss#). Other supporting variations are listed in the table without ss#.

145 SubSNP, 13 Frequency, 3 ClinVar submissions
No Submitter Submission ID Date (Build)
1 LEE ss1510176 Oct 05, 2000 (86)
2 HGBASE ss2420113 Nov 14, 2000 (89)
3 LEE ss4404104 May 29, 2002 (106)
4 WIPGA ss4915876 Aug 28, 2002 (108)
5 WI_SSAHASNP ss11700483 Jul 11, 2003 (116)
6 HG_BONN_CNS_SNPS ss12586696 Aug 26, 2003 (117)
7 CSHL-HAPMAP ss17068916 Feb 27, 2004 (120)
8 CSHL-HAPMAP ss17844407 Feb 27, 2004 (120)
9 SSAHASNP ss22345692 Apr 05, 2004 (121)
10 IMCJ-GDT ss22886616 Apr 05, 2004 (121)
11 PERLEGEN ss24683414 Sep 20, 2004 (123)
12 MGC_GENOME_DIFF ss28497723 Sep 24, 2004 (126)
13 MGC_GENOME_DIFF ss28512485 Sep 24, 2004 (126)
14 MGC_GENOME_DIFF ss28514035 Sep 24, 2004 (126)
15 ABI ss42409570 Mar 10, 2006 (126)
16 PGA-UW-FHCRC ss46533168 Mar 10, 2006 (126)
17 SNP500CANCER ss48292445 Mar 10, 2006 (126)
18 APPLERA_GI ss48427717 Mar 10, 2006 (126)
19 UCSF_HG ss49783231 Mar 10, 2006 (126)
20 RIKENSNPRC ss49847811 Mar 10, 2006 (126)
21 ILLUMINA ss65724638 Oct 15, 2006 (127)
22 PHARMGKB_PCE ss69365436 May 17, 2007 (127)
23 PHARMGKB_CREATE ss69366350 May 17, 2007 (127)
24 PHARMGKB_CREATE ss69366485 May 17, 2007 (127)
25 PHARMGKB_PAAR-SJCRH ss69367537 May 17, 2007 (127)
26 PHARMGKB_PHAT ss69368005 May 17, 2007 (127)
27 PHARMGKB_INVEST ss69368619 May 17, 2007 (127)
28 PHARMGKB_APP ss69369610 May 17, 2007 (127)
29 PHARMGKB_APP ss69369809 May 17, 2007 (127)
30 PHARMGKB_APP ss69370066 May 17, 2007 (127)
31 PHARMGKB_APP ss69370302 May 17, 2007 (127)
32 TAPPERS ss69371810 May 17, 2007 (127)
33 AFFY ss74806743 Aug 16, 2007 (128)
34 HGSV ss80218693 Dec 15, 2007 (130)
35 PHARMGKB_GERA ss84169997 Dec 15, 2007 (130)
36 BCMHGSC_JDW ss93286312 Mar 24, 2008 (129)
37 HUMANGENOME_JCVI ss98775117 Feb 06, 2009 (130)
38 PHARMGKB_PEAR ss105108112 Feb 06, 2009 (130)
39 PHARMGKB_INVEST ss105110338 Feb 06, 2009 (130)
40 PHARMGKB_INVEST ss105110339 Feb 06, 2009 (130)
41 BGI ss105958863 Feb 06, 2009 (130)
42 1000GENOMES ss109502589 Jan 24, 2009 (130)
43 1000GENOMES ss113428998 Jan 25, 2009 (130)
44 ILLUMINA-UK ss116853631 Feb 14, 2009 (130)
45 ILLUMINA ss120037417 Dec 01, 2009 (131)
46 ENSEMBL ss143519825 Dec 01, 2009 (131)
47 ILLUMINA ss152723832 Dec 01, 2009 (131)
48 GMI ss156154952 Dec 01, 2009 (131)
49 ILLUMINA ss159100432 Dec 01, 2009 (131)
50 ILLUMINA ss159123186 Dec 01, 2009 (131)
51 SEATTLESEQ ss159710482 Dec 01, 2009 (131)
52 COMPLETE_GENOMICS ss162755504 Jul 04, 2010 (132)
53 COMPLETE_GENOMICS ss165962400 Jul 04, 2010 (132)
54 ILLUMINA ss170065532 Jul 04, 2010 (132)
55 PHARMGKB_PHAT ss181129037 Jul 04, 2010 (132)
56 BUSHMAN ss201006933 Jul 04, 2010 (132)
57 BCM-HGSC-SUB ss206849987 Jul 04, 2010 (132)
58 1000GENOMES ss222028644 Jul 14, 2010 (132)
59 1000GENOMES ss233192412 Jul 14, 2010 (132)
60 1000GENOMES ss240305954 Jul 15, 2010 (132)
61 ILLUMINA ss244268887 Jul 04, 2010 (132)
62 BL ss253877617 May 09, 2011 (134)
63 RSG_JCVI ss262866273 May 09, 2011 (134)
64 OMICIA ss275516157 Nov 30, 2010 (133)
65 OMIM-CURATED-RECORDS ss275517991 Dec 03, 2010 (133)
66 GMI ss278525022 May 04, 2012 (137)
67 GMI ss285280529 Apr 25, 2013 (138)
68 PJP ss293490463 May 09, 2011 (134)
69 NHLBI-ESP ss342193382 May 09, 2011 (134)
70 ILLUMINA ss483715708 May 04, 2012 (137)
71 ILLUMINA ss484957687 May 04, 2012 (137)
72 1000GENOMES ss490913370 May 04, 2012 (137)
73 EXOME_CHIP ss491373623 May 04, 2012 (137)
74 CLINSEQ_SNP ss491875587 May 04, 2012 (137)
75 ILLUMINA ss535916639 Sep 08, 2015 (146)
76 TISHKOFF ss558785525 Apr 25, 2013 (138)
77 SSMP ss652689237 Apr 25, 2013 (138)
78 ILLUMINA ss779514733 Sep 08, 2015 (146)
79 ILLUMINA ss780842351 Sep 08, 2015 (146)
80 ILLUMINA ss782301378 Sep 08, 2015 (146)
81 ILLUMINA ss783525721 Sep 08, 2015 (146)
82 ILLUMINA ss832635905 Jul 13, 2019 (153)
83 ILLUMINA ss834985137 Sep 08, 2015 (146)
84 JMKIDD_LAB ss974457597 Aug 21, 2014 (142)
85 EVA-GONL ss982244497 Aug 21, 2014 (142)
86 JMKIDD_LAB ss1067472510 Aug 21, 2014 (142)
87 JMKIDD_LAB ss1073130453 Aug 21, 2014 (142)
88 1000GENOMES ss1317693447 Aug 21, 2014 (142)
89 DDI ss1430535520 Apr 01, 2015 (144)
90 EVA_GENOME_DK ss1581396235 Apr 01, 2015 (144)
91 EVA_FINRISK ss1584041838 Apr 01, 2015 (144)
92 EVA_DECODE ss1591776848 Apr 01, 2015 (144)
93 EVA_UK10K_ALSPAC ss1614268114 Apr 01, 2015 (144)
94 EVA_UK10K_ALSPAC ss1614268115 Apr 01, 2015 (144)
95 EVA_UK10K_TWINSUK ss1657262147 Apr 01, 2015 (144)
96 EVA_UK10K_TWINSUK ss1657262148 Apr 01, 2015 (144)
97 EVA_EXAC ss1688029160 Apr 01, 2015 (144)
98 EVA_MGP ss1711101806 Apr 01, 2015 (144)
99 HAMMER_LAB ss1804132075 Sep 08, 2015 (146)
100 ILLUMINA ss1917795748 Feb 12, 2016 (147)
101 WEILL_CORNELL_DGM ss1925498522 Feb 12, 2016 (147)
102 ILLUMINA ss1958832774 Feb 12, 2016 (147)
103 GENOMED ss1970234530 Jul 19, 2016 (147)
104 JJLAB ss2023356560 Sep 14, 2016 (149)
105 ILLUMINA ss2095164420 Dec 20, 2016 (150)
106 USC_VALOUEV ss2151515051 Dec 20, 2016 (150)
107 HUMAN_LONGEVITY ss2279156585 Dec 20, 2016 (150)
108 TOPMED ss2447475622 Dec 20, 2016 (150)
109 SYSTEMSBIOZJU ss2626166628 Nov 08, 2017 (151)
110 ILLUMINA ss2634354528 Nov 08, 2017 (151)
111 GRF ss2707084332 Nov 08, 2017 (151)
112 ILLUMINA ss2711051570 Nov 08, 2017 (151)
113 GNOMAD ss2735340123 Nov 08, 2017 (151)
114 GNOMAD ss2747484745 Nov 08, 2017 (151)
115 GNOMAD ss2832147595 Nov 08, 2017 (151)
116 AFFY ss2985339160 Nov 08, 2017 (151)
117 AFFY ss2985970870 Nov 08, 2017 (151)
118 SWEGEN ss2997982677 Nov 08, 2017 (151)
119 ILLUMINA ss3022540967 Nov 08, 2017 (151)
120 EVA_SAMSUNG_MC ss3023061571 Nov 08, 2017 (151)
121 BIOINF_KMB_FNS_UNIBA ss3025460093 Nov 08, 2017 (151)
122 CSHL ss3346678471 Nov 08, 2017 (151)
123 TOPMED ss3481827033 Nov 08, 2017 (151)
124 ILLUMINA ss3629367634 Oct 12, 2018 (152)
125 ILLUMINA ss3629367635 Oct 12, 2018 (152)
126 ILLUMINA ss3632277641 Oct 12, 2018 (152)
127 ILLUMINA ss3635027931 Oct 12, 2018 (152)
128 ILLUMINA ss3638587579 Oct 12, 2018 (152)
129 ILLUMINA ss3640735225 Oct 12, 2018 (152)
130 ILLUMINA ss3644891853 Oct 12, 2018 (152)
131 OMUKHERJEE_ADBS ss3646326217 Oct 12, 2018 (152)
132 URBANLAB ss3648194723 Oct 12, 2018 (152)
133 ILLUMINA ss3653043946 Oct 12, 2018 (152)
134 ILLUMINA ss3653043947 Oct 12, 2018 (152)
135 ILLUMINA ss3654111346 Oct 12, 2018 (152)
136 EGCUT_WGS ss3665902715 Jul 13, 2019 (153)
137 PATHPUNJABI ss3685990253 Jul 13, 2019 (153)
138 EVA_DECODE ss3715930581 Jul 13, 2019 (153)
139 ILLUMINA ss3726280662 Jul 13, 2019 (153)
140 ACPOP ss3732916314 Jul 13, 2019 (153)
141 ILLUMINA ss3744541930 Jul 13, 2019 (153)
142 ILLUMINA ss3745328105 Jul 13, 2019 (153)
143 EVA ss3764207363 Jul 13, 2019 (153)
144 PAGE_CC ss3771239016 Jul 13, 2019 (153)
145 KHV_HUMAN_GENOMES ss3807376595 Jul 13, 2019 (153)
146 1000Genomes NC_000005.9 - 148206473 Oct 12, 2018 (152)
147 The Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children

Submission ignored due to conflicting rows:
Row 16351763 (NC_000005.9:148206472:G:G 1676/3854, NC_000005.9:148206472:G:C 2178/3854)
Row 16351764 (NC_000005.9:148206472:G:G 3853/3854, NC_000005.9:148206472:G:T 1/3854)

- Oct 12, 2018 (152)
148 The Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children

Submission ignored due to conflicting rows:
Row 16351763 (NC_000005.9:148206472:G:G 1676/3854, NC_000005.9:148206472:G:C 2178/3854)
Row 16351764 (NC_000005.9:148206472:G:G 3853/3854, NC_000005.9:148206472:G:T 1/3854)

- Oct 12, 2018 (152)
149 Genetic variation in the Estonian population NC_000005.9 - 148206473 Oct 12, 2018 (152)
150 ExAC NC_000005.9 - 148206473 Oct 12, 2018 (152)
151 gnomAD - Genomes NC_000005.9 - 148206473 Jul 13, 2019 (153)
152 gnomAD - Exomes NC_000005.9 - 148206473 Jul 13, 2019 (153)
153 Northern Sweden NC_000005.9 - 148206473 Jul 13, 2019 (153)
154 The PAGE Study NC_000005.10 - 148826910 Jul 13, 2019 (153)
155 TopMed NC_000005.10 - 148826910 Oct 12, 2018 (152)
156 UK 10K study - Twins

Submission ignored due to conflicting rows:
Row 16351763 (NC_000005.9:148206472:G:G 1647/3708, NC_000005.9:148206472:G:C 2061/3708)
Row 16351764 (NC_000005.9:148206472:G:G 3708/3708, NC_000005.9:148206472:G:T 0/3708)

- Oct 12, 2018 (152)
157 UK 10K study - Twins

Submission ignored due to conflicting rows:
Row 16351763 (NC_000005.9:148206472:G:G 1647/3708, NC_000005.9:148206472:G:C 2061/3708)
Row 16351764 (NC_000005.9:148206472:G:G 3708/3708, NC_000005.9:148206472:G:T 0/3708)

- Oct 12, 2018 (152)
158 A Vietnamese Genetic Variation Database NC_000005.9 - 148206473 Jul 13, 2019 (153)
159 ClinVar RCV000019318.2 Oct 12, 2018 (152)
160 ClinVar RCV000019319.2 Oct 12, 2018 (152)
161 ClinVar RCV000033191.3 Jul 13, 2019 (153)

History tab displays RefSNPs (Associated ID) from previous builds (Build) that now support the current RefSNP, and the dates, when the history was updated for each Associated ID (History Updated).

Associated ID History Updated (Build)
rs3182175 Jul 03, 2002 (106)
rs3729941 Oct 08, 2002 (108)
rs17287411 Mar 10, 2006 (126)
rs17287474 Mar 10, 2006 (126)
rs17334200 Mar 10, 2006 (126)
rs17640526 Oct 08, 2004 (123)
rs17845338 Mar 10, 2006 (126)
rs17858183 Mar 10, 2006 (126)
rs17859733 Mar 10, 2006 (126)
rs52793394 Sep 21, 2007 (128)
rs60374884 May 25, 2008 (130)
Added to this RefSNP Cluster:
Submission ids Observation SPDI Canonical SPDI Source RSIDs
ss80218693, ss93286312, ss109502589, ss113428998, ss116853631, ss162755504, ss165962400, ss201006933, ss206849987, ss253877617, ss278525022, ss285280529, ss293490463, ss484957687, ss491875587, ss1591776848 NC_000005.8:148186665:G:C NC_000005.10:148826909:G:C (self)
29388921, 11640963, 8038243, 80415640, 4471250, 6201179, 3624067, ss222028644, ss233192412, ss240305954, ss342193382, ss483715708, ss490913370, ss491373623, ss535916639, ss558785525, ss652689237, ss779514733, ss780842351, ss782301378, ss783525721, ss832635905, ss834985137, ss974457597, ss982244497, ss1067472510, ss1073130453, ss1317693447, ss1430535520, ss1581396235, ss1584041838, ss1614268114, ss1657262147, ss1688029160, ss1711101806, ss1804132075, ss1917795748, ss1925498522, ss1958832774, ss1970234530, ss2023356560, ss2095164420, ss2151515051, ss2447475622, ss2626166628, ss2634354528, ss2707084332, ss2711051570, ss2735340123, ss2747484745, ss2832147595, ss2985339160, ss2985970870, ss2997982677, ss3022540967, ss3023061571, ss3346678471, ss3629367634, ss3629367635, ss3632277641, ss3635027931, ss3638587579, ss3640735225, ss3644891853, ss3646326217, ss3653043946, ss3653043947, ss3654111346, ss3665902715, ss3732916314, ss3744541930, ss3745328105, ss3764207363 NC_000005.9:148206472:G:C NC_000005.10:148826909:G:C (self)
460485, 325341364, ss275516157, ss275517991, ss2279156585, ss3025460093, ss3481827033, ss3648194723, ss3685990253, ss3715930581, ss3726280662, ss3771239016, ss3807376595 NC_000005.10:148826909:G:C NC_000005.10:148826909:G:C (self)
ss11700483 NT_029289.9:9369409:G:C NC_000005.10:148826909:G:C (self)
ss17068916, ss17844407, ss22345692 NT_029289.10:9369408:G:C NC_000005.10:148826909:G:C (self)
ss1510176, ss2420113, ss4404104, ss4915876, ss12586696, ss22886616, ss24683414, ss28497723, ss28512485, ss28514035, ss42409570, ss46533168, ss48292445, ss48427717, ss49783231, ss49847811, ss65724638, ss69365436, ss69366350, ss69366485, ss69367537, ss69368005, ss69368619, ss69369610, ss69369809, ss69370066, ss69370302, ss69371810, ss74806743, ss84169997, ss98775117, ss105108112, ss105110338, ss105110339, ss105958863, ss120037417, ss143519825, ss152723832, ss156154952, ss159100432, ss159123186, ss159710482, ss170065532, ss181129037, ss244268887, ss262866273 NT_029289.11:9369399:G:C NC_000005.10:148826909:G:C (self)
ss1614268115, ss1657262148 NC_000005.9:148206472:G:T NC_000005.10:148826909:G:T (self)

Publications tab displays PubMed articles citing the variation as a listing of PMID, Title, Author, Year, Journal, ordered by Year, descending.

150 citations for rs1042714
PMID Title Author Year Journal
9275150 The glutamine 27 beta2-adrenoceptor polymorphism is associated with elevated IgE levels in asthmatic families. Dewar JC et al. 1997 The Journal of allergy and clinical immunology
9399946 Human beta-2 adrenoceptor gene polymorphisms are highly frequent in obesity and associate with altered adipocyte beta-2 adrenoceptor function. Large V et al. 1997 The Journal of clinical investigation
9399966 Association between genetic polymorphisms of the beta2-adrenoceptor and response to albuterol in children with and without a history of wheezing. Martinez FD et al. 1997 The Journal of clinical investigation
9522789 Association of glutamine 27 polymorphism of beta 2 adrenoceptor with reported childhood asthma: population based study. Hopes E et al. 1998 BMJ (Clinical research ed.)
12030897 The 27Glu polymorphism of the beta2-adrenergic receptor gene interacts with physical activity influencing obesity risk among female subjects. Corbalán MS et al. 2002 Clinical genetics
14557466 The Gly16-->Arg16 and Gln27-->Glu27 polymorphisms of beta2-adrenergic receptor are associated with metabolic syndrome in men. Dallongeville J et al. 2003 The Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism
15500681 Detecting imbalanced expression of SNP alleles by minisequencing on microarrays. Liljedahl U et al. 2004 BMC biotechnology
15726497 Gene-environment interaction effects on the development of immune responses in the 1st year of life. Hoffjan S et al. 2005 American journal of human genetics
15867853 Meta-analysis of the association of beta2-adrenergic receptor polymorphisms with asthma phenotypes. Contopoulos-Ioannidis DG et al. 2005 The Journal of allergy and clinical immunology
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