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Goulart Stollmaier J, Thomson J, Endoma-Arias MA, Simionescu R, Vernaza A, Mesa-Diaz N, Smith M, Du L, Kornienko A, Hudlicky T. Conversion of Natural Narciclasine to Its C-1 and C-6 Derivatives and Their Antitumor Activity Evaluation: Some Unusual Chemistry of Narciclasine. Molecules. 2022 Jun 28;27(13). doi: 10.3390/molecules27134141. PubMed PMID: 35807391; PubMed Central PMCID: PMC9268329.
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Nitroalkanes as electrophiles: synthesis of triazole-fused heterocycles with neuroblastoma differentiation activity. Organic & biomolecular chemistry. . NIHMSID: NIHMS1667602.
Nitroalkanes as electrophiles: synthesis of triazole-fused heterocycles with neuroblastoma differentiation activity. Organic & biomolecular chemistry. . NIHMSID: NIHMS1669448.
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