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Title: Androgen insensitivity syndrome: genital fibroblast response to dihydrotestosterone
Cluster AnalysisGDS1836 Cluster Image
Summary: Analysis of genital fibroblasts from 46,XY females with complete androgen insensitivity syndrome (AIS). Response of cells to dihydrotestosterone examined. Most AIS affected individuals have mutated androgen receptors (AR). Results provide insight into the role of AR in genital differentiation.
Organism: Homo sapiens
Platform: GPL3039: SHBE
  • Holterhus PM, Hiort O, Demeter J, Brown PO et al. Differential gene-expression patterns in genital fibroblasts of normal males and 46,XY females with androgen insensitivity syndrome: evidence for early programming involving the androgen receptor. Genome Biol 2003;4(6):R37. PMID: 12801411
Reference Series: GSE3871 Sample count: 21
Value type: log2 ratio Series published: 2005/12/21