DataSet Record GDS1563: Expression Profiles Data Analysis Tools Sample Subsets
Title: Host response to malaria
Cluster AnalysisGDS1563 Cluster Image
Summary: Analysis of whole blood from Kenyan children with acute malaria or other febrile illnesses, both at hospital admission and after recovery. Samples collected during July September 2002. Results provide a perspective of the host response to malaria and further insight into processes of pathogenesis.
Organism: Homo sapiens
Platform: GPL2614: LC-36
  • Griffiths MJ, Shafi MJ, Popper SJ, Hemingway CA et al. Genomewide analysis of the host response to malaria in Kenyan children. J Infect Dis 2005 May 15;191(10):1599-611. PMID: 15838786
Reference Series: GSE2900 Sample count: 28
Value type: log2 ratio Series published: 2005/07/09