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NCBI Insights MARCH 27, 2020

Try the new PubMed on your mobile device

Our new, responsive PubMed site replaces PubMed Mobile. You now have the full PubMed experience on any size screen, including the ability to save and email citations, use the Clipboard, and send citations to My NCBI Collections on your mobile …

NCBI Insights MARCH 26, 2020

The ALFA dataset: New aggregated allele frequency from dbGaP and dbSNP now …

NIH’s data sharing policy now allows unrestricted access to genomic summary results for data from NCBI’s Database of Genotypes and Phenotypes (dbGaP).  Pooled allele frequency data from dbSNP and the dbGaP summary results are available as the new Allele Frequency Aggregator …

NCBI Insights MARCH 26, 2020

CORD-19: A New Machine Readable COVID-19 Literature Dataset

Are you interested in mining literature about COVID-19 and the novel SARS-Cov-2 virus? You may want to check out the COVID-19 Open Research Dataset (CORD-19). CORD-19 is a collection of more than 13,000 full text articles that focus on COVID-19 …

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NLM Catalog

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PubMed Central

Full-text journal articles


Gene sequences and annotations used as references for the study of orthologs structure, expression, and evolution


Collected information about gene loci

GEO DataSets

Functional genomics studies

GEO Profiles

Gene expression and molecular abundance profiles


Homologous genes sets for selected organisms


Sequence sets from phylogenetic and population studies


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Conserved protein domains

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Protein sequences grouped by identity


Protein sequences

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Functional categorization of proteins by domain architecture


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Genome sequence assemblies, large-scale functional genomics data, and source biological samples


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Descriptions of biological source materials


Genome sequencing projects by organism


DNA and RNA sequences


Sequence-based probes and primers


High-throughput sequence reads


Taxonomic classification and nomenclature


Heritable DNA variations, associations with human pathologies, and clinical diagnostics and treatments


Human variations of clinical significance


Genotype/phenotype interaction studies


Short genetic variations


Genome structural variation studies


Genetic testing registry


Medical genetics literature and links


Online mendelian inheritance in man


Repository of chemical information, molecular pathways, and tools for bioactivity screening


Molecular pathways with links to genes, proteins and chemicals

PubChem BioAssay

Bioactivity screening studies

PubChem Compound

Chemical information with structures, information and links

PubChem Substance

Deposited substance and chemical information


Basic Local Alignment Search Tool

BLAST is a tool for comparing an amino acid or nucleotide sequence to an entire sequence library, identifying regions of high sequence similarity.

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Video tutorial

VIDEO: NCBI Minute: Using organism (taxonomic) information with standalone BLAST

NCBI Minute: Using organism (taxonomic) information with standalone BLAST

Limiting a BLAST search to particular organism or taxonomic group is important for making BLAST searches efficient. This also produces results that are easier to …

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Recent videos

VIDEO: SciENcv for NSF Users: Biographical Sketches

SciENcv for NSF Users: Biographical Sketches

This video focuses on features in SciENcv that help you create, share, and maintain NSF approved biographical sketches, and these can be used for proposal …

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VIDEO: Medical Genetics Summaries: Pharmacogenetics Guidance at your Fingertips

Medical Genetics Summaries: Pharmacogenetics Guidance at your Fingertips

This video is an introduction to Medical Genetics Summaries (MGS), a resource at the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI). MGS is a growing collection …

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VIDEO: How to Access SRA Data on Google Cloud Platform

How to Access SRA Data on Google Cloud Platform

This is a brief tutorial on how to establish a virtual machine instance on Google Cloud Platform, then install, configure, and test the SRA Toolkit …

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