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PubTator Central (PTC) is a Web-based system [1] providing automatic annotations of biomedical concepts such as genes and mutations in PubMed abstracts and PMC full-text articles. PTC expands the widely-used PubTator system [2,3] with several new additions as highlighted below.
Full-Text Articles.

PTC includes the full-text articles in the PMC Open Access subset (~3 million) in addition to the ~30 million abstracts in PubMed [4].

Deep Learning.

Cutting-edge machine learning and deep learning techniques are applied to concept disambiguation for improved accuracy.

neural net
Free Access.

PubTator Central data is free and can be accessed interactively through a web browser, programmatically via RESTful API, or downloaded in bulk via FTP.

Always Up-to-date.

PTC adds new articles every day to always keep in sync with PubMed and PMC.

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