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COGs stands for Clusters of Orthologous Genes. The database was initially created in 1997 (Tatusov et al., PMID: 9381173) followed by several updates, most recently in 2014 (Galperin et al., PMID: 25428365). The current update includes complete genomes of 1,187 bacteria and 122 archaea that map into 1,234 genera. The new features include ~250 updated COG annotations with corresponding references and PDB links, where available; new COGs for proteins involved in CRISPR-Cas immunity, sporulation, and photosynthesis, and the lists of COGs grouped by pathways and functional systems.

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  COG Definition (COG0105 or just the number 105)
  Any word in the COG name (polymerase)
  Taxonomic Category (Mollicutes)
  Organism name (Aciduliprofundum_boonei_T469)
  Pathway (Arginine biosynthesis)
  Assembly (GCA_000091165.1)
  Protein name: (prot:WP_011012300.1)
  Gene Tag: (gene_tag:Haur_1857)


COGs Genomic loci Taxonomic
Organims Protein IDs COG symbols
4,877 3,456,041 37 1,309 3,213,196 3,821