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Principal Investigator

Zhiyong Lu, PhD FACMI

Zhiyong Lu, PhD FACMI

Short Biography

My NIH Biosketch

Dr. Lu is Deputy Director for Literature Search at the National Center for Biotechnology (NCBI), leading its overall efforts of improving literature search and information access in NCBI’s production resources. He is also an NIH Senior Investigator (early tenure) and directs the Text Mining / Natural Language Processing (NLP) Research program at NCBI/NLM where they are developing computational methods and software tools for analyzing and making sense of unstructured text data in biomedical literature and clinical notes towards accelerated discovery and better health. Before that, Dr. Lu was NIH's first Earl Stadtman Investigator in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics. His many recent publications and invited talks (see below) generally have a focus on the following topics:

  • PubMed Search (e.g. biomedical literature retrieval; author name disambiguation)
  • BioNLP & Text Mining (e.g. named entity recognition and information extraction)
  • eCuration (e.g. computer-assisted biomedical data curation at scale)
  • Machine Learning for Healthcare (e.g. deep learning, EMR mining & medical image analysis)

Dr. Lu is a Fellow of the American College of Medical Informatics (ACMI), an Associate Editor for Bioinformatics (OUP), Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (Elsevier), BMC Bioinformatics (Springer), Journal of Healthcare Informatics Research (Springer), and serves on the Editorial Board for the journal Database (OUP). He has been a member of the BioCreative Organizing Committee since 2009 and has been involved in organizing a number of leading international meetings in his research field (e.g. ISMB text-mining area chair; PSB session chairs on drug re-purposing/crowd-sourcing; general chair for IEEE Conference on Healthcare Informatics). He has also frequently participated in both US (e.g. NSF/NIH) and international (e.g. MRC/NSERC/The Royal Society) grant reviews and served as ad-hoc editor/reviewers for major journals/conferences in NLP (ACL), IR (WWW), Bioinformatics (ISMB/PSB/BioCuration), and Health Informatics (AMIA). He has (co-)authored over 200 scientific publications since 2004. According to Google Scholar, he has an h-index of ~60 with over 16,000 citations. His name is also found on the Global Highly Cited Researchers List by Web of Science.

Selected Invited Talks/Keynotes

  • 2019 Harvard Medical School
  • 2018 The 16th annual Rocky Mountain Bioinformatics Conference
  • 2018 The 11th International Biocuration Conference
  • 2017 MEDINFO 2017 Panel on Biomedical Knowledge-bases
  • 2017 Amazon
  • 2016 ISMB 2016 Phenotype Day, FL, USA
  • 2015 Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL) BioNLP workshop, Beijing, China
  • 2015 Text Mining Workshop at Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, Geneva, Switzerland
  • 2014 CS Dept, UIUC
  • 2014 ACM KDD 2014 Workshop on Health Informatics, New York City, USA
  • 2014 Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing (PSB), USA
  • 2013 The Meaningful Use of Complex Medical Data Symposium (MUCMD), USA
  • 2012 AAAI Fall Symposium on Info Retrieval and Knowledge Discovery, USA

Selected Publications - See here