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Principal Investigator

  • Deputy Director for Literature Search, National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI)
    Senior Investigator, NLM/NIH


Join us!

We're always interested in possible postdocs & students. If interested, please email me for more information. See ournew FY2022 openings: postdoctoral fellow and research scientist!

In 2022, we're organizing the Text Mining COSI at ISMB 2022, and NLM curation at scale workshop. Come and join us for these scientific events!

Recent NLP/AI tools

1. PhenoTagger: a hybrid method for phenotyping with HPO. Read our recent publication in Bioinformatics.
2. The source code for DeepSeeNet, a novel deep learning framework for automated AMD diagnosis is now publicly available. Its details are recently published in Ophthalmology.

Web-based Lit Search Tools

1. LitSuggest: a system for literature recommendation and curation. NAR 2021.
2. TeamTat: a collaborative text/corpus annotation tool. NAR 2020.
3. PubTator: Automated concept annotation for full-text articles. NAR 2013, 2019.
4. LitSense: Making sense of biomedical literature at sentence level. NAR 2019.
5. LitVar: a semantic literature search engine for genomic variants. NAR 2018.

ChestX-ray8 Data Release

ChestX-ray8, one of the largest chest x-ray datasets, is now publicly available. Check out our CVPR paper and the recent NIH press release. This work received 2017 NIH Clinical Center Director's Award.