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Prolonged administration of low molecular weight heparin lowers the number of blood clots in the lower limbs after operation in the abdomen or pelvis

Patients subjected to major surgery of the abdomen are at considerable risk of developing blood clots in the veins of the lower limbs. These clots may detach and develop clots in the lungs and cause sudden death. Clots in the limbs may impaire the venous function leading to a life‐long tendency to swollen legs and leg ulceration. In order to avoid these complications patients are often offered protective medicine during the first week after surgery, but patients are probably at risk of developing clots up to one month after surgery. This review suggests that prophylaxis should be administered for at least one month after surgery.

Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews: Plain Language Summaries [Internet] - John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

Version: 2009

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