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Limited evidence that propentofylline benefits cognition, global function and activities of daily living in people with Alzheimer's disease and/or vascular dementia

Propentofylline is a novel putatively neuroprotective agent that acts by inhibiting the uptake of adenosine and blocking the enzyme phosphodiesterase. Although a number of randomized controlled trials have been undertaken, data were available from only a very limited number of these studies. These limited data suggest that propentofylline may have a beneficial effect on measures of cognitive and global function of people with Alzheimer's or vascular dementia. The unavailability of data, due to failure of Aventis, the manufacturing pharmaceutical company, to release information about unpublished studies prevented a comprehensive systematic review and meta‐analysis.

Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews: Plain Language Summaries [Internet] - John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

Version: 2008

Testing Treatments: Better Research for Better Healthcare. 2nd edition

How do we know whether a particular treatment really works? How reliable is the evidence? And how do we ensure that research into medical treatments best meets the needs of patients? These are just a few of the questions addressed in a lively and informative way in Testing Treatments. Brimming with vivid examples, Testing Treatments will inspire both patients and professionals.

Pinter & Martin.

Version: 2011
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Smart Health Choices: Making Sense of Health Advice

This book aims to help consumers and practitioners develop the skills to assess health advice – and hopefully to make decisions that will improve the quality of their care. For some people, making better-informed decisions could be life saving. We hope that it will be useful if you are struggling to come to terms with an illness or injury, and the best ways of managing it. Or you may simply want to lead a healthier life, and may be wondering how to make sense of the often conflicting flood of health information that deluges us every day, through the media, and from our friends and health practitioners.

Hammersmith Press.

Version: 2008
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