May 7, 2013

New filters: shortcuts for finding what you want at PubMed Health

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There’s a lot of information at PubMed Health now —and lots more is added every week. So we’ve added search filters to help you narrow down the results.

A search filter is a shortcut that tells PubMed Health to "show me only articles like this". For example, if you want to see only our evidence-based consumer information on cancer, now you can type this into the search box:

cancer AND pmh_cons[sb]

Only that type of article will show on the results page—click here to see this.

Make sure you type AND in capital letters: that’s part of how PubMed databases recognize a special combined request. It’s called a Boolean operator. Others are OR and NOT. You can find out more about Boolean operators and how to combine them here.

You can read all about the filters in the new page on finding systematic reviews at PubMed Health. There are filters for systematic reviews and subsets of them (including those from DARE—the Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects—or from Cochrane), as well as evidence-based consumer information and information for clinicians.

And you can find out the most recent entries to PubMed Health by adding _month:

cancer AND pmh_cons_month[sb]

Now only articles added in the last month will show.

There’s an even quicker way to see recently added systematic reviews and evidence-based information at our new "What’s New" page. This appears in the navigation bar on every page.

Watch out for more developments to help you find what you need at PubMed Health here at the blog, Twitter, Facebook, or Google+. You can sign up to subscribe to the blog by email, too.

The PubMed Health Team

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