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Search Strategy

A structured organization of search terms to capture information, tailored to each database being searched.

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Defining the Benefits of Stakeholder Engagement in Systematic Reviews [Internet]

Stakeholder engagement efforts in the Evidence-based Practice Center (EPC) program initially focused on defining opportunities and developing materials to involve stakeholders in systematic reviews. Over time, the basic mechanics of working with stakeholders have become a routine part of the systematic review process, allowing the program to begin to explore how to improve stakeholder engagement and make it more effective

Systematic review to identify and appraise outcome measures used to evaluate childhood obesity treatment interventions (CoOR): evidence of purpose, application, validity, reliability and sensitivity

The study found that the Childhood obesity Outcomes Review (CoOR) outcome measures framework provides clear guidance of recommended primary and secondary outcome measures, which will enhance comparability between treatment evaluations and ensure that appropriate measures are being used.

Systematic Reviews of Complex Multicomponent Health Care Interventions [Internet]

The purpose of this report is to outline approaches to address the challenges of conducting systematic reviews of complex multicomponent health care interventions.

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