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Ewing Sarcoma

A type of cancer that forms in bone or soft tissue.

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About Ewing Sarcoma

Ewing sarcoma is a type of tumor that forms in bone or soft tissue.

Ewing sarcoma is a type of tumor that forms from a certain kind of cell in bone or soft tissue. Other names for Ewing sarcoma are:

All of these names may be grouped together and called Ewing sarcoma family of tumors.

Ewing sarcoma may be found in the bones of the legs, arms, feet, hands, chest, pelvis, spine, or skull. Ewing sarcoma also may be found in the soft tissue of the trunk, arms, legs, head and neck, abdominal cavity, or other areas.

Ewing tumors often occur in teenagers and young adults.

Signs and symptoms of Ewing sarcoma include swelling and pain near the tumor.

These and other signs and symptoms may be caused by Ewing sarcoma or by other conditions. Check with your child's doctor if you see any of the following in your child:

  • Pain and/or swelling, usually in the arms, legs, chest, back, or pelvis (area between the hips).
  • A lump (which may feel soft and warm) in the arms, legs, chest, or pelvis.
  • Fever for no known reason.
  • A bone that breaks for no known reason...

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Evidence reviews

Technology Assessment on Genetic Testing or Molecular Pathology Testing of Cancers with Unknown Primary Site to Determine Origin [Internet]

This technology assessment reports the results of our review of the existing literature on commercially available genetic tests that are used to identify the tissue of origin (TOO) of the cancer in patients with cancer of unknown primary (CUP) site. CUP is a case of metastatic tumor for which the primary TOO remains unidentified after comprehensive clinical and pathologic evaluation. This review focused on analytical and clinical validity of the tests and their utility in guiding the diagnosis and treatment of CUP and improving health outcomes.

Prognostic significance of p16INK4a alteration for Ewing sarcoma: a meta-analysis

BACKGROUND: Despite findings from individual studies regarding prognostic factors for Ewing sarcoma, no conclusive results have been produced, partly because of small sample sizes. The objective of the current study was to evaluate whether the presence of p16(INK4a) alteration is associated with a poorer prognosis in patients with Ewing sarcomas.

Autologous stem cell transplantation for soft tissue sarcoma: Executive summary of final report N05-03D, Version 1.0

The aim of this investigation was to assess the benefit of autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) on patient-relevant outcomes in patients with soft tissue sarcomas compared to a procedure without HSCT.

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Terms to know

A living, growing tissue made mostly of collagen.
A cancer of the bone, cartilage, fat, muscle, blood vessels, or other connective or supportive tissue.
Soft Tissue
Refers to muscle, fat, fibrous tissue, blood vessels, or other supporting tissue of the body.
A group of cells that act together to carry out a specific function in the body. Examples include muscle tissue, nervous system tissue (including the brain, spinal cord, and nerves), and connective tissue (including ligaments, tendons, bones, and fat). Organs are made up of tissues.

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Also called: Primitive neuroectodermal tumour, Askin tumour, Ewing sarcoma family of tumours, Peripheral primitive neuroectodermal tumour, Ewing's tumour, Ewing tumour, Primitive neuroectodermal tumor, Askin tumor, Extraosseous Ewing sarcoma, Ewing sarcoma family of tumors, Ewing's sarcoma, Peripheral primitive neuroectodermal tumor, Ewing's tumor, Ewing tumor, EFT, pPNET

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Bone, Sarcoma, Soft Tissue

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