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Dacryoadenitis is inflammation of the lacrimal glands (the tear-producing glands).

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Meta-analysis of the effect of posterior mucosal flap anastomosis in primary external dacryocystorhinostomy

PURPOSE: We aimed to compare the outcomes of primary external dacryocystorhinostomy and silicone tube with anterior and posterior mucosal flap anastomosis, versus dacryocystorhinostomy and silicone intubation with anterior mucosal flap anastomosis.

Systematic review and meta-analysis on outcomes for endoscopic versus external dacryocystorhinostomy

BACKGROUND: Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) is commonly performed for epiphora, dacryocystitis and during tumor surgery. External (EXT-DCR) and endoscopic DCR (END-DCR) are both practiced. END-DCR was initially performed with laser (EL-DCR) but has shifted to careful bone removal with mechanical drills (EM-DCR). High level evidence from comparative cohorts was sought to compare outcomes.

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Also called: Dacryocystitis

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Lacrimal Glands

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