Table 5Characteristics of included studies for Key Question 1

ReferenceNumber of PatientsStudy DesignTreatmentComparatorSetting
Rees-Jones et al., 201266121Nonrandomized comparative trialCognitive skills training: Reasoning & RehabilitationTreatment as usualForensic hospital
Cullen et al., 20116784Multisite randomized control trialCognitive skills training: Reasoning & RehabilitationTreatment as usualMedium secure forensic units
Balbuena et al., 20106898Nonrandomized comparative trialClozapineOther antipsychoticsForensic hospital
Martin et al., 20086973Nonrandomized comparative trialClozapineOther antipsychoticsAcute unit of a forensic hospital
J. Sacks et al., 200864 & J. Sacks et al. 201265468Randomized controlled trialModified therapeutic communityIntensive outpatient programMedium secure prison
S. Sacks et al., 200461 & Sullivan et al., 2007a62 & Sullivan et al., 2007b63139Randomized controlled trialModified therapeutic community with or without aftercareStandard mental health interventionsMaximum security forensic prison
Tavernor et al., 20007050Nonrandomized comparative trialHigh-dose chlorpromazineStandard-dose chlorpromazineMaximum security hospital for patients considered to be a “grave and immediate danger”
Beck et al., 19977120Nonrandomized comparative trialRisperidoneTraditional neurolepticsMaximum security unit of a State mental hospital
Wilson, 19907210Randomized controlled trialGroup cognitive therapyIndividual supportive therapyMaximum security prison

Notes: J. Sacks et al. 2008 and J. Sacks et al. 2012 report on overlapping patient populations. The J. Sacks et al. 2012 publication included 154 additional subjects and longer-term followup. We consider these two publications a single study. Because the quality of data reporting was superior in the J. Sacks et al. 2008 publication, we rely mainly on that report, but supplement it when possible with information from the 2012 publication.

S. Sacks 2004, Sullivan 2007a, and Sullivan 2007b all report different outcomes for the same patient population. Because these publications report on the same patient population, we consider it a single study.

From: Results

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