Appendix Table G1ESA trials included in published meta-analyses evaluated in this review

Publication statusESAGlaspy 2010Bohlius 2009Bennett 2008Ludwig 2009
Number of included studies6053517
Sample size exclusions?NoneYesaNoneNone
Individual patient data meta-analysis?NoYesNoYes
Trials included in meta-analysis:
Aapro 2008fullepo-b
Abels 1993fullepo-a
Bamias 2003fullepo-a
Blohmer 2003/4absepo-a
Boogaerts 2003 (Coiffier 2001)fullepo-b
Cascinu 1994fullepo-a
Case 1993fullepo-a
Cazzola 1995fullepo-b
Chang 2005 (EPO-CAN-17)fullepo-a
Charu 2007fulldarb
Dammacco 2001fullepo-a
Debus 2007absepo-a
Del Mastro 1997fullepo-?
Dunphy 1999fullepo-?
Engert 2007unpubepo-a
Gordon 2006absdarb
Goss 2005 (EPO-CAN-15)absepo-a
Grote 2005 (N93-004)fullepo-a
Hedenus 2002fulldarb
Hedenus 2003fulldarb
Henke 2003fullepo-b
Henry 1995fullepo-a
Huddart 2002absepo-a
Kotasek 2002absdarb
Kotasek 2003fulldarb
Kurz 1997fullepo-a
Leyland-Jones 2005fullepo-a
Littlewood 2001fullepo-a
Machtay 2007fullepo-a
Milroy 2003absepo-a
Moebus 2007absepo-a
Mystakidou 2005fullepo-a
Oberhoff 1998fullepo-b
ODAC 2004, INT-1unpubepo-a
ODAC 2004, INT-3unpubepo-a
ODAC 2004, EPO-GBR-07 (Hoskin 2004)unpubepo-a
ODAC 2004, P-174 (Pangalis 1995)unpubepoa
O'Shaughnessy 2005fullepo-a
Osterborg 1996fullepo-b
Osterborg 2002/2005fullepo-b
Overgaard 2007 (ended early)absdarb
Pirker 2008 (Amgen DA 145)fulldarb
Prozanto 2002absepo-a
Quirt 1996absepo-a
Ray-Coquard 2006absepo-a
Razzouk 2004/2006 (all patients)abs/fullepo-a
Razzouk 2006 (NHL/solid tumors only)fullepo-a
Rose 1994absepo-a
Savonije 2005fullepo-a
Smith 2003fulldarb
Smith 2008 (Glaspy 2007)fulldarb
Strauss 2008fullepo-b
Taylor 2005absdarb
Ten Bokkel Huinink 1998fullepo-b
Thatcher 1999fullepo-a
Thomas 2002absepo-a
Thomas 2008 (GOG-191)fullepo-a
Throuvalas 2000absepo-?
Untch 2008 (PREPARE)absdarb
Vadhan-Raj 2004absepo-a
Vansteenkiste 2002fulldarb
Wilkinson 2006fullepo-a
Witzig 2005fullepo-a
Wright 2007 (EPO-CAN-20)fullepo-a

Excluded RCTs with <100 patients or analyses based on <50 patients

From: Appendix G, ESA Trials Included in Published Meta-Analyses Evaluated in This Review

Cover of Epoetin and Darbepoetin for Managing Anemia in Patients Undergoing Cancer Treatment
Epoetin and Darbepoetin for Managing Anemia in Patients Undergoing Cancer Treatment: Comparative Effectiveness Update [Internet].
Comparative Effectiveness Reviews, No. 113.
Grant MD, Piper M, Bohlius J, et al.

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