Table 12Summary of Results: Older Adults

Intervention categoryTrials, nSuicide deathsSuicide attempt or DSHHospital/ED use, other health outcomesSuicidal ideationDepressionHopelessness
Enhanced usual carek=2

1 death (in IG)
20%–23% reduction in risk of suicide attempt or combined outcome of suicide attempt or suicidal ideation
Nonsuicidal deaths: □*
% reporting ideation:
8 mo:
IG: 17.2%
CG: 18.6%
12 mo:
IG: 14.6%
CG: 13.4%
Greater reduction in depression in IG than CG in depressed sample; no group differences in percent screening positive for depression in general primary care sample (24 mo)
No data

□=outcome was reported, groups were not statistically different from each other at any followup.

■=outcome was reported, intervention group showed greater improvement at one or more followups than control group.

◘=outcome was reported, IG showed greater improvement than CG at fewer than half of followup assessments.


Statistically significant at 4- and 8-month followup but not at 12, 18, or 24 months.

Abbreviations: CG = control group; DSH = deliberate self-harm; ED = emergency department; IG = intervention group.

From: 3, RESULTS

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