Table 5, Chapter 14Example of reductions in complications and associated costs

HospitalComplication ReductionSavings
Surrey Memorial Hospital37Reduced SSI over four years: 13%, 10%, 7.5%, 7.2%$2.54 million savings
Henry Ford Hospital36Reduced LOS by 1.54 days over 4 years for general surgery, vascular and colorectal procedures$2 million annual savings (increased billing by $2.25 million/yr as underbillings were identified)
VA22Surgical pneumonia alone9.3 million in savings annually
University of Michigan Medical Center7Respiratory complication$51,409 per event. A reduction of two such complications per year pays participation.
Hershey Medical Center;
Penn State26
Additional cost attributable to a postoperative complication=$16,371.Avoiding one postoperative complication equals cost savings of $9052

From: Chapter 14, Use of Report Cards and Outcome Measurements To Improve Safety of Surgical Care: American College of Surgeons National Quality Improvement Program (NEW)

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Making Health Care Safer II: An Updated Critical Analysis of the Evidence for Patient Safety Practices.
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