Table G-20Narrative exposure therapy (NET) compared with an inactive control (waitlist or minimal attention)

Domains Pertaining to Strength of evidenceMagnitude of EffectStrength of Evidence
Number of Studies; Number of SubjectsRisk of Bias; DesignConsistencyDirectnessPrecisionSummary Effect Size (95% CI)High, Moderate, Low, Insufficient
PTSD Symptom Reduction: mean change from baseline to post-treatment in PDS
3; 227Medium; RCTsConsistentDirectPrecise−10.2 (−13.1 to −7.4)Moderate
Remission (no longer having symptoms)
0; 0NANANANANAInsufficient
Loss of Diagnosis
3; 227Medium; RCTsConsistentDirectImpreciseRD 0.15 (0.01 to 0.30)Low
Prevention/reduction of comorbid depression
2; 75Medium; RCTsInconsistentDirectImpreciseMixed evidence; one trial reported efficacy (HSCL-25 Depression scale: cohen’s d 0.54); one reported no difference from comparators (SRQ-20: data NR)Insufficient
Prevention/reduction of comorbid pain
1; 32Medium; RCTNA, single studyDirectImprecised=0.65 for CIDI-C pain score, a significant time by treatment interaction was found, p=0.034, but no significant main effect of time, p=0.46, or treatment, p=0.35Insufficient
Quality of Life
1; 43Medium; RCTNA, single studyDirectImpreciseNET was not significantly different from psychoeducation for improving QOL, p=0.54Insufficient
Disability/functional impairment
0; 0NANANANANAInsufficient
Return to work or return to active duty
0; 0NANANANANAInsufficient

Abbreviations: CI = confidence interval; HSCL-25 = Hopkins Symptom Check List-25; NA = not applicable; NR = not reported; PDS = Posttraumatic Stress Diagnostic Scale; PTSD = post-traumatic stress disorder; RCT = randomized controlled trial; SRQ-20 = Self-Reporting Questionnaire

From: Appendix G, Strength of Evidence

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