Table 108Characteristics of the included studies [IC=Intermittent catheterisation. SCI=Spinal Cord Injury]

StudyPatient groupReason for prophylaxisBladder management strategyProphylactic antibioticComparatorFollow upOutcomes
Clarke 2005204Spina bifida; childrenCongenital conditionICContinuation of un-named prophylactic antibioticDiscontinuation of un- named prophylactic antibiotic4 monthsSymptomatic UTI
Zegers 2011206Spina bifida; childrenCongenital conditionICContinuation of un-named prophylactic antibioticDiscontinuati on of un- named prophylactic antibiotic18 monthsSymptomatic UTI
Johnson 1994207Meningocele; childrenCongenital conditionICNitrofurantoin 25–50mg/day depending on body massPlacebo6 monthsSymptomatic UTI
Schlager 1998203Undefined “neurogenic bladder”; childrenCongenital conditionICNitrofurantoin 25–50mg/day depending on body massPlacebo [Cross-over]11 monthsSymptomatic UTI
Adverse events
Anderson 1980208SCI; adultsNew SCIICNitrofurantoin 100mg/daySterile IC onlyUnclearSymptomatic UTI
Gribble 1993209SCI; adultNew SCIICTrimethoprim- sulphamethoxazole 240mg/day (1:5 Ratio)Placebo4 monthsSymptomatic UTI
Adverse events
Lindan 1984210SCI; adultsNew SCIExternal catheter with reflex voiding, IC and Foley catheterisation.Nitrofurantoin 100mg/dayNo treatment (no placebo)3 monthsSymptomatic UTI
Adverse events
Maynard 1984211SCI; adultsNew SCIICTrimethoprim- sulphamethoxazole 480mg/dayNo treatment (no placebo)1.5 monthsSymptomatic UTI
Adverse events
Mohler 1987212SCI; adultsNew SCIICTrimethoprim- sulphamethoxazole 960mg/dayPlacebo2 monthsSymptomatic UTI
Sandock 1995205SCI; adultsNew SCIIC, reflex voiding, indwelling cathetersContinuation of Trimethoprim- sulphamethoxazole 480mg/dayDiscontinuati on of prophylaxis7 monthsSymptomatic UTI
Adverse events
Darouiche 1994213SCI; adultsPrior to urodynamic testingUnclearCiprofloxacin 1g/dayPlacebo18 monthsSymptomatic UTI
Adverse events
Biering-Sorenson 1994201SCI; adultsRecurrent UTIs in mostly long-standing SCI patients.Mixed – abdominal pressure, suprapubic tapping and/or IC.Ciprofloxacin 100mg/dayPlacebo [Cross-over]12 monthsSymptomatic UTI
Adverse events
Duffy 1982202Undefined – “Neurogenic bladder”; adultsNeurogenic bladder clinic patientsICNitrofurantoin 200mg/dayPlacebo [Cross-over]6 monthsAdverse events

From: 13, Treatment to prevent urinary tract infection

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