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2((spontaneous or threatened or imminent or imminens or missed or delay$ or inevitable or incomplete$ or early or silent or quiescent) adj2 abort$).ti,ab.
3((pregnan$ or embryo$ or f?etal or f?etus$) adj3 (loss$ or demise or death$ or resorp$ or disintegrat$ or wast$ or reject$ or fail$ or non viable or non?viable)).ti,ab.
4(anembryo$ or empty sac$).ti,ab.
5(blight$ adj2 (ova or ovum)).ti,ab.
6((ectopic or extra uterine or extra?uterine or tub$ or ampullary or isthm$ or fimbrial or cornual or interstitial or abdom$ or ovar$ or cervi$) adj3 (pregnan$ or gestat$)).ti,ab.
7(pregnan$ adj3 ((unknown or uncertain) adj (location$ or site$))).ti,ab.
9(trophoblast$ adj3 (gestat$ or pregnan$ or disease$ or tumo?r$ or neoplas$)).ti,ab.
10((hydatid$ or invasi$) adj3 mol$).ti,ab.
11molar pregnan$.ti,ab.
12(placenta$ adj3 (tumo?r$ or neoplas$)).ti,ab.
13(chorio carcinoma$ or chorio?carcinoma$).ti,ab.
15(human chorionic gonadotropin$ or choriogonadotropin$ or choriogonin$ or hcg$).ti,ab.
16(beta hcg$ or beta?hcg$ or b hcg$ or b?hcg$).ti,ab.
19((ultraso$ or sonogra$ or echogra$ or echotomogra$) adj3 (ante natal$ or ante?natal or pre natal$ or pre?natal or maternal$ or mother$ or diagnos$ or screen$)).ti,ab.
20(laparoscop$ or peritoneoscop$ or celioscop$ or coelioscop$).ti,ab.
21((key?hole$ or key hole$ or minimal$ invasi$) adj3 surg$).ti,ab.
22(laparot$ or mini laparot$ or mini?laparot$).ti,ab.
23(open adj3 surg$).ti,ab.
24(surg$ adj5 (confirm$ or prove$ or determine$ or verif$ or corroborat$)).ti,ab.
27limit 26 to yr=“1985 -Current”

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Cover of Ectopic Pregnancy and Miscarriage
Ectopic Pregnancy and Miscarriage: Diagnosis and Initial Management in Early Pregnancy of Ectopic Pregnancy and Miscarriage.
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