Two-level DVT Wells Score

(from Wells et al (2003) with permission from author)

Clinical FeaturePoints
Active cancer (treatment ongoing, within 6 months, or palliative)1
Paralysis, paresis or recent plaster immobilisation of the lower extremities1
Recently bedridden for 3 days or more or major surgery within 12 weeks requiring general or regional anaesthesia1
Localised tenderness along the distribution of the deep venous system1
Entire leg swollen1
Calf swelling at least 3 cm larger than asymptomatic side1
Pitting oedema confined to the symptomatic leg1
Collateral superficial veins (non-varicose)1
Previously documented DVT1
Alternative diagnosis at least as likely as DVT−2
Clinical probability simplified score
DVT ‘likely’2 points or more
DVT ‘unlikely’Less than 2 points

Source/Note: Wells PS, Anderson DR, Rodger M, Forgie M, Kearon C, Dreyer J et al. Evaluation of D-dimer in the diagnosis of suspected deep-vein thrombosis. New England Journal of Medicine. 2003; 349(13):1227–1235. [PubMed: 14507948]

From: Appendix K, Two-level DVT Wells Score

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