Table 11Comparison of PCA3 and tPSA differences in central estimates in men with positive and negative prostate biopsy results, after accounting for study-specific variability in measurements

Author Studya, YearNMedian PCA3 Score: Positive BxMedian PCA3 Score: Negative BxMedian PCA3 Score: Pooled Log SDMedian PCA3 Score: ZPCA3bMedian tPSA (ng/mL): Positive BxMedian tPSA (ng/mL): Negative BxMedian tPSA (ng/mL): Pooled Log SDMedian tPSA (ng/mL) ZPCA3bZPCA3 – ZtPSA
Nyberg102, 20106249.022.00.41500.8412.66.20.29181.06-0.22
Ankerst65, 200844334.319.40.44800.558.26.70.36040.240.31
Perdona31, 201121872.022.00.42641.
Ferro98, 201215157.028.00.34690.897.96.80.14380.450.44
Bollito93, 20121,24663.035.00.45300.567.46.30.68730.090.47
Hessels100, 201033650.018.00.54920.818.35.90.48360.310.50
Ochiai103, 201110559.514.20.34891.7810.76.30.28750.800.98
Auprich92, 201112775.035.00.29291.
Number / Medians2,68758.322.06.38.3
Aubin91, 2010 c1,07233.816.7-------
de la Taille95, 2011 c51650.018.0--5.85.2---

Bx = prostate biopsy; N = number; SD = standard deviation; PCA3 = prostate cancer antigen 3 gene; tPSA = total prostate specific antigen


Ordered by ZPCA3 – ZtPSA result; shaded rows indicate studies focusing on the “grey zone” of tPSA (e.g., 2.5-10 ng/mL) when enrolling patients. Rows 3, 4, 10, and 11 are shaded.


Z score = (log (Positive Bx median) – log (Negative Bx median)) / pooled log SD within each study.


The last two studies91,95 reported partial information for comparison of biopsy positive and negative median values, but did not provide sufficient data to compute Z scores.

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