Table 1Overview of Therapies for Diabetic Ulcers

Study, yearN RandomizedTreatmentProductComparatorHealed ulcersMean time to ulcer healingGlobal assessmentReturn to daily activitiesUlcers infected during treatmentAmputationRevascularization/surgeryRecurrenceTime to recurrencePain/discomfortHospitalizationRequired home careQuality of lifeWithdrawals due to adverse eventsPatients with ≥ 1 adverse eventAll-cause mortalityAllergic reactions to treatment
Blume 20111552ColFormulated Collagen GelStandard--
Veves 200216276ColPromogranStandard----
Donaghue 19981775ColFibracolStandard----
Reyzelman 20091886ColGraftjacketStandard+------
Niezgoda 20051998BD, PDGFOASISPDGF (becaplermin)----±--
Landsman 20082026BD, BSEOASISDermagraft--
Gentzkow 19962150BSEDermagraftStandard+----
Naughton 199722281BSEDermagraftStandard-±--±-
Marston 200323245BSEDermagraftStandard++---
Veves 200124277BSEApligraf (Graftskin)Standard++-+--
Edmonds 20092582BSEApligrafStandard+--------
DiDomenico 20112628BSEApligrafTheraskin---
Aminian 2000279PDGFAutologous platelet extractSilver sulfadiazine-±
Agrawal 20092828PDGFrhPDGFPlacebo gel+-
Hardikar 200529113PDGFrhPDGFPlacebo gel++--
Bhansali 20093020PDGFrhPDGFStandard-+-
Wieman 199831382PDGFRegranex (2 doses)Placebo gel++-----
Niezgoda 2005 See BD studies above1998PDGFBecaplerminBiologic dressing (OASIS)----±--
Jaiswal 20103250PDGFrhPDGFInactive gel--
Steed 1995, 200633,34118PDGFrhPDGFPlacebo gel++--±---
d'Hemecourt 199835172PDGFBecaplermin gelNaCMC gel or standard care+ vs std *------
Saad Setta 20113624PRPPRPPlatelet poor plasma-+
Driver 20063772PRPAutoloGelPlacebo gel-----
Belcaro 20103866Silver OintmentAidanceStandard+---
Jacobs 20083940Oak Bark ExtractBensal HPSilver cream----
Jude 200740134Silver DressingAQUA-CELCalcium dressing-------
Viswanathan 20114140Poly-herbal CreamSilver cream------
Blume 200842341NPWTV.A.C.Advanced moist wound therapy+±-+--
Karatepe 20114367NPWTV.A.C.Standard care++
McCallon 20004410NPWTV.A.C.Saline gauze---
Wang 20114586HBOTEST
Löndahl 20104694HBOTSham+------
Duzgun 200847100HBOTStandard+++-
Kessler 20034828HBOTStandard----
Abidia 20034918HBOTSham+------
Wainstein 20115061Ozone-oxygenOzoterSham----

BD – Biological Dressing; BSE – Biological Skin Equivalent; Col – Collagen; EST – Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy; HBOT – Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy; NaCMC - Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose; NPWT – Negative Pressure Wound Therapy; PDGF – Platelet-derived Growth Factor; PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma


Treatment group better than comparator (p< 0.05)


Treatment group demonstrated no significant benefit

Treatment group worse than comparator


Significance could not be determined


+ versus std, - versus gel


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