Adapted from: Whiting, P., Rutjes, A. W., Dinnes, J., et al. (2004) Development and validation of methods for assessing the quality of diagnostic accuracy studies. Health Technology Assessment, 8, 1–234.

Study identification
(including author, title, reference, year of publication)
Guideline topic:Review question no:
Checklist completed by:
Circle one option for each question
Was the spectrum of participants representative of the patients who will receive the test in practice?YesNoUnclearN/A
Were selection criteria clearly described?YesNoUnclearN/A
Was the reference standard likely to classify the target condition correctly?YesNoUnclearN/A
Was the period between performance of the reference standard and the index test short enough to be reasonably sure that the target condition did not change between the two tests?YesNoUnclearN/A
Did the whole sample or a random selection of the sample receive verification using the reference standard?YesNoUnclearN/A
Did participants receive the same reference standard regardless of the index test result?YesNoUnclearN/A
Was the reference standard independent of the index test? (that is, the index test did not form part of the reference standard)YesNoUnclearN/A
Was the execution of the index test described in sufficient detail to permit its replication?YesNoUnclearN/A
Was the execution of the reference standard described in sufficient detail to permit its replication?YesNoUnclearN/A
Were the index test results interpreted without knowledge of the results of the reference standard?YesNoUnclearN/A
Were the reference standard results interpreted without knowledge of the results of the index test?YesNoUnclearN/A
Were the same clinical data available when the test results were interpreted as would be available when the test is used in practice?YesNoUnclearN/A
Were uninterpretable, indeterminate or intermediate test results reported?YesNoUnclearN/A
Were withdrawals from the study explained?YesNoUnclearN/A

From: Appendix 11, Quality checklist templates for clinical studies and reviews

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