Table 95Annual costs of transfusion and iron chelation for people with sickle cell disease who have had a stroke

Standard red cells
 Unit cost£124.85
 Yearly frequency12
 Annual cost£1498.20
Proportion of patients requiring iron chelation100%
Red cells for exchange transfusion
 Unit cost£184.13
 Yearly frequency8
 Annual cost£1473.04
Proportion of patients receiving exchange transfusion0.20
Proportion of patients requiring iron chelation0%
Iron chelation
  Deferasirox - unit cost (£ / 125mg)£4.20
  Dose (mg/kg)20.00
  No. of 125mg doses required daily for adult10
  Annual cost for adult£15,330.00
  No. of 125mg doses required daily for child5
  Annual cost for child£7665.00
  Desferrioxamine mesilate - unit cost (£ / 500mg vial)£4.26
  Average daily dose (mg / kg)40.00
  No. of 500mg vials required daily for adult5
  Annual cost for adult£7774.50
  No. of 125mg doses required daily for child3
  Annual cost for child£4664.70
Proportion of patients receiving oral therapy0.90
 Annual cost for adult£14,574.45
 Annual cost for child£7364.97
 Annual cost for adult£13,152.73
 Annual cost for child£7385.14

From: Appendix F, Full health economic report

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