This figure depicts the flow of articles through the literature search and screening process. Searches of PubMed, Embase, and the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews yielded 21,860 citations, 6504 of which were duplicate citations. Manual searching identified 75 additional citations, for a total of 15,431 citations. After applying inclusion/exclusion criteria at the title-and-abstract level, 833 full-text articles were retrieved and screened. Of these, 718 were excluded at the full-text screening stage, leaving 115 articles (representing 121 unique studies) for data abstraction. Total numbers of studies included for each KQ were 78 for KQ 1, and 48 for KQ 2.

Figure BLiterature flow diagram

KQ = Key Question; RCT = randomized controlled trial

a Five studies were relevant to both KQ 1 and KQ 2

From: Executive Summary

Cover of Assessment and Management of Chronic Cough
Assessment and Management of Chronic Cough [Internet].
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