Table 13.5Unit costs for consumables for cannula insertion, antibiotic dose preparation, infusion, and blood test (updated from NCC-WCH 2010)

ItemQuantityCostUnit costAnti- biotic doseCannula insertionInfusionBlood testSource
Normal saline flush: 10ml ampoule1£0.46£0.46YYYNRPSGB 2011
10 ml leur lock syringe1£27 per 100£
Manometer extension line (50 cm)1£1.71£1.71NNYNNHS supply chain 2007b
Heparin sodium solution flush: 5ml ampoule1£1.00£1.00YYNNRPSGB 2011c
5 ml syringe1£7.79 per 100£
2 ml syringe1£22.08 per 100£0.22YNNYAs above
Needle1£4.90 per 100£0.05YNNYAs above
Non-sterile gloves1£5.58 per 100£0.06NYNYAs above
Clinell wipe1£6.67 per 200£ a
IV giving set-single1£1.75£1.75NYNNAs above
500ml bag of dextrose/saline1£1.15£1.15NYNNBaxterd
Cannula t-piece extension (t-connector)1£1.50£1.50NYNNNHS supply chain 2007e
Splint11£1.00NYNNNCC-WCH 2010f
Mediplast tape0.01£0.30£0.30NYNNRPSGB 2011g
Bandage to secure splint0.01£0.30£0.30NYNNRPSGB 2011h
Sterile occlusive dressing0.01£1.36£1.36NYNNRPSGB 2011i
Total cost per dose/insertion/infusion£1.06£6.22£2.49£0.36

IV intravenous, N no, Y yes

RPSGB 2011 (British National Formulary for Children 2011–12)


Accessed July 2011


Price if bought in a box of 50: £1.56; updated to 2009/10 prices using HCHS index (Curtis 2010)


Heparin Sodium solution 10 units/ml, 5 ml amp = £1


Accessed February 2010


IV accessory: T connector £1.37 each for 50 box order; updated to 2009/10 prices using HCHS index (Curtis 2010)


This price was an estimate from a GDG member of the meningitis guideline


Mediplast 5 m, 1.25 cm = 30p, assume 5 cm per cannula


System 4 #1 padding, absorbent, 3.5 m unstretched, 10 cm = 60p, assume 5 cm needed


Water-impermeable plastic film spread with an adhesive film 2.5 cm × 3 m = £1.36

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