Table 12-74Mortality – summary of results from RCTs

ComparisonNo. of studiesInterventionControlRelative riskAbsolute effectForest plots & Evidence tables *
Proph vs no proph
LMWH vs nil31613/304/380.95 (0.23, 3.92)−0.01 (−0.15, 0.14)ET: 26
FP: 16
UFH vs nil51,204,631320/19320/1870.96 (0.55, 1.67)−0.01 (−0.08, 0.07)ET: 27
FP: 20
VKA vs nil74,178,248,463,470,533647/36262/3650.76 (0.54, 1.07)−0.01 (−0.05, 0.03)ET: 28
FP: 24
High dose asp vs nil172,464,533,590,609,700,715723/38525/3380.75 (0.42, 1.34)−0.01 (−0.04, 0.03)ET: 29
FP: 31
Single proph vs single
Fon vs LMWH175138/83142/8420.92 (0.60, 1.41)−0.00 (−0.02, 0.02)ET: 31
FP: 47
LMWH vs UFH381,45826/995/981.17 (0.35, 3.90)0.01 (−0.05, 0.07)ET: 32
FP: 51
VKA vs high dose asp53312/653/660.68 (0.12, 3.92)−0.01 (−0.08, 0.05)ET: 35
FP: 63
Double proph vs single
UFH + GCS vs GCS46510/293/230.11 (0.01, 2.11)−0.13 (−0.28, 0.02)ET: 27
FP: 145
Post discharge
Fondaparinux17616/3278/3290.75 (0.26, 2.15)−0.01 (−0.03, 0.02)ET: 57
FP: 224

FP – forest plot number in Appendix E; ET – evidence table number in Appendix D

Proph - prophylaxis

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