Exclusion criteria for included evidence:Quality of the included studies
Individual studies included in a systematic reviewSystematic review of RCTs (n = 0)
Comparisons in studies not relevant to PICOSystematic review of combined study designs (n =3)
Population in studies not relevant to PICORandomized controlled trial (n =2)
Outcomes not relevant to PICOProspective cross sectional study (n = 0)
Sensitivities and Specificities not reportedCase Series Studies (n = 2)
Foreign Language studiesDiagnostic Studies (n= 4)
Expert Reviews

From: 2, Investigation, diagnosis and staging

Cover of Colorectal Cancer
Colorectal Cancer: The Diagnosis and Management of Colorectal Cancer.
NICE Clinical Guidelines, No. 131.
National Collaborating Centre for Cancer (UK).
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