Table A2.26Incremental cost effectiveness results

StrategyIncremental costIncremental effectiveness (QALYs)ICER
XELOX-FOLFIRI£ 377−0.004Dominated
XELIRI-XELOX£ 513−0.104Dominated
XELOX-XELIRI£ 609−0.027Dominated
XELOX-irinotecan£ 1,043−0.022Dominated
XELIRI-FOLFOX£ 1,048−0.096Dominated
FOLFIRI-XELOX£ 1,115−0.020Dominated
FOLFIRI-FOLFOX£ 1,650−0.012Dominated
FOLFOX-FOLFIRI£ 2,0510.019£109,604/QALY
FOLFOX-XELIRI£ 2,283−0.005Dominated

From: Appendix 2, Mixed treatment comparison and cost-effectiveness analysis for sequences of oxaliplatin and irinotecan-based chemotherapy in the treatment of advanced and metastatic colorectal cancer

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