Table 18Core dataset elements for local hepatic therapy registry by PICOTS

Patient Characteristics
 Performance status
 Clinical risk scores (e.g., Fong)104

Tumor Characteristics
 Location of tumor
 Size of lesions
 Number of lesions
 Number of extrahepatic metastases
 Tumor volume
 Portal vein obstruction
 Course of disease(stabilization, rapid progression)

Other Treatments
 Number, dose, and duration for lines of prior therapy by drug

 Number, dose, and duration for lines of adjunctive therapy by drug

 Previous liver-directed therapy
Type of Local Hepatic Therapy
 Cryosurgical ablation

Characteristics of Local Hepatic Therapy
 Surgical site
Same as InterventionOverall survival

Quality of life

Response (e.g., complete, partial, no response)

Recovery time

Length of stay

Adverse effects (Short-term and long-term harms)

Treatment holidays*
OngoingHospital type

Number of procedures by practitioner

Type of practitioner

Local hepatic therapy availability

Inpatient or outpatient procedure

3D-CRT = three-dimensional conformal radiation therapy; CEA = carcinoembryonic antigen: DEB = drug-eluting bead; HAI = hepatic artery infusion; IMRT = intensity-modulated radiation therapy; LDH = lactate dehydrogenase; RE = radioembolization; RFA = radiofrequency ablation; SBRT = stereotactic body radiation therapy; TACE = transarterial chemoembolization; TAE = transarterial embolization;


Treatment holidays refer to time away from systemic chemotherapy and may vary based on the success of treatment with a local hepatic therapy.

From: Discussion

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