Table 4Sensitivity and Specificity Table adapted from [Kuhl et al., 2005]

MammographyMRIMRI & Mammography
AllRisk 20%Risk 20–40%Mutation CarriersAllRisk 20%Risk 20–40%Mutation carrierAllRisk 20%Risk 20–40%Mutation carrier
Total screens170135275116717013527511671701352751167
No positive screens
True positive
False positive451118539101645514149
No negative screens
True negative
False negative29315640003000
Sensitivity %32.650252590.7100.0100.0100.093.0100.0100.0100.0
Specificity %96.896.597.496.997.297.497.797.596.195.597.094.4
Predictive rates %
Positive PV
Negative PV97.9199.097.496.899.710010010099.7100100100

From: 4, Clinical Effectiveness of MRI

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