This figure depicts the PRISMA diagram for identified trials related to key questions. A total of 1644 citations were derived from searching electronic databases. Of these 33 duplicate citations were removed. The title and abstracts of the remaining 1611 citations were screened and 702 citations were excluded. Remaining 909 citations were reviewed in full text and 895 were excluded. Of these 895 excluded, 523 were non relevant design, 82 were non relevant diseases, 108 did not report relevant outcomes, 176 had sample size less than 100, 5 were written in non-English language and 1 did not report primary data. 14 unique articles were identified. Further, 4 additional articles were identified through gray literature and hand search. Thus a total of 18 articles were included in the review.

Figure 2PRISMA diagram for identified trials

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Cover of Procalcitonin-Guided Antibiotic Therapy
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