TABLE 61Meta-analysis of agreement between NCT and GAT (mmHg unless otherwise stated)

Description of analysisNo. of studiesNo. of eyesMean difference (NCT – GAT)95% CII2Random error95% CII295% LoA
Main analysis of mean difference and random error
Random-effects model with mean correlation2624770.2−0.1 to 0.695%2.11.8 to 2.395%−3.8 to 4.3
Sensitivity analyses
Model type and imputation method
Random-effects model with minimum correlation2624770.3−0.1 to 0.694%2.32.1 to 2.694%−4.3 to 4.8
Fixed-effects model with mean correlation2624770.10.0 to 0.295%1.81.7 to 1.895%−3.4 to 3.6
Fixed-effects model with minimum correlation2624770.10.0 to 0.294%2.12.0 to 2.194%−3.9 to 4.2
Additional exclusion criteria
Main analysis excluding low-quality studies2117040.3−0.1 to 0.795%1.91.7 to 2.295%−3.5 to 4.1
Main analysis excluding multiple eye studies1510320.50.0 to 0.995%2.01.8 to 2.391%−3.5 to 4.4
Main analysis with SMD2321450.10.0 to 0.293%
Main analysis of mean difference excluding studies in which SMD was not calculable2321450.30.0 to 0.694%
Adjustment for repeated measurements
Main analysis with SE adjusted for repeated measurements2220800.3−0.1 to 0.793%2.62.4 to 2.887%−4.8 to 5.4
Main analysis with unadjusted SEs excluding studies in which adjusted SEs were not calculable2220800.3−0.1 to 0.795%2.21.9 to 2.493%−4.0 to 4.5
Subgroup analyses
IOP: not applicable as all studies have <33% of patients with IOP >21 mmHg
CCT: not applicable as all studies reporting CCT have > 33% of patients with CCT < 555 μm
Refractive surgery
Studies with operative patients3305−2.2−5.0 to 0.7100%1.50.9 to 2.196%−5.0 to 0.7
Studies with non-operative patients76310.5−0.1 to 0.982%2.01.5 to 2.494%−3.4 to 4.4
Examiner type
Studies with ophthalmologist examiners44771.00.3 to 1.689%2.41.8 to 3.094%−3.7 to 5.6
Studies with non-ophthalmologist examiners68190.4−0.5 to 1.397%2.42.0 to 2.892%−4.3 to 5.1
Studies with patient as examiner168−0.5−0.9 to −0.1NA1.71.4 to 1.9NA−3.7 to 2.7
Canon22400.3−1.7 to 2.497%2.62.4 to 2.90%−4.8 to 5.5
Keeler32290.1−0.6 to 0.986%2.21.3 to 3.296%−4.3 to 4.6
Nidek85420.2−0.6 to 1.195%2.11.7 to 2.591%−3.9 to 4.4
Reichert78420.2−0.7 to 1.197%2.11.7 to 2.593%−3.9 to 4.3
Topcon43550.4−0.1 to 0.874%2.01.3 to 2.796%−3.5 to 4.2

NA, not applicable; SE, standard error.

From: Appendix 4, Systematic review of the agreement and reliability of tonometers: further analysis (Chapter 5)

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