Wholesale Prices of Prescription Antipsychotics

Drug NameDaily DoseFormPrice per Month for Generic*Brand NamePrice per Month for Brand Name*
Aripiprazole2 mgTabletN/AAbilify®$657
5 mgN/A$654
10 mgN/A$657
15 mgN/A$657
20 mgN/A$928
30 mgN/A$928
Olanzapine2.5 mgTablet$336Zyprexa®$373
5 mg$423$441
7.5 mg$482$536
10 mg$622$664
15 mg$918$996
20 mg$1,213$1,328
Quetiapine25 mgTabletN/ASeroquel®$116
50 mgN/A$232
100 mgN/A$381
200 mgN/A$398
400 mgN/A$750
600 mgN/A$983
800 mgN/A$1,156
Risperidone0.25 mgTablet$117Risperdal®$166
0.5 mg$128$182
1 mg$136$194
2 mg$228$323
3 mg$267$380
4 mg$360$510
6 mg$534$759
Ziprasidone40 mgCapsuleN/AGeodon®$548
60 mgN/A$332
80 mgN/A$457
160 mgN/A$665

Prices are the average wholesale prices from RED BOOK Online®. Generic prices are the middle value in the range of prices listed from different manufacturers. The actual prices of the medicines may be higher or lower than the prices listed here, depending on the manufacturer used by your pharmacy.

N/A = not available

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